We are living in a world loaded with all kinds of dangerous chemicals and toxins, pesticides, artificial food products, indoor and outdoor pollution, and first or secondhand smoke, which expose our bodies on a harmful influence which seriously affects our health!!

In order to restore health and avoid additional side-effects, we need to flush those toxins out from time to time or daily preferably!!

The followings symptoms indicate that your body desperately needs a detoxification:

🙈Skin breakouts
😩Bloating/stomach pains
🍫Food cravings
😴Trouble sleeping
😞Fatigue/low energy levels
😧Congestion/mucus feels like a cold

Let's dig a little deeper on just a few of them! 💕

Headaches 💆🏻
Chronic headaches are often a symptom of toxic buildup in the body. “The major cause of both tension headaches and migraines is the retention of toxins or tissue irritants within the central nervous system.”

The natural mechanism of the body to flush out toxins is through sweating. Therefore, if your body overheats and you sweat a lot, it may be trying to get rid of the toxic buildup.

Insomnia 😴
Insomnia is often caused by accumulated toxins, especially estrogen buildup. You need to cleanse the liver if you have troubles sleeping, as insomnia is often related to the liver. You can try consuming juices of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

Skin Problems 😭
The skin will also attempt to remove toxins from the body, leading to numerous skin conditions. “If the main organs of elimination are not working effectively then the skin will step in to help. The skin then tries to help eliminate the toxins by allowing the toxins to come out through as skin rashes or skin conditions.”

Belly Fat🤰🏻
The belly fat can be significantly increased by the ingestion of toxins, as they will enter the belly and stay in the abdominal area. The belly fat can be reduced by a detox method only.

Many foods we consume increase the blood sugar levels, and afterward, when these levels are reduced, lead to feelings of tiredness and lethargy. The toxic buildup in the body reduces the energy and ability of the body to function properly.
If you experience the symptoms below, it means that your body needs to get rid of the toxins.

🙈🙉🙊 Who did I scare//freak out?!? Lol
Me too!! But to look and feel our best, WE NEEDED TO KNOW!  💕💕