Slay Your Day! // CrissaSmith.Com

Keep a Journal by your bed, and the first thing to do when you wake up, is write 3 things to be grateful for in your journal! So even if you're exhausted and don't want to face the day, this will remind you why you do!

I don't know about y'all, but music pumps me up! Listen to music that will make you happy, so NO ADELE first thing in the morning haha!! Try some Beyoncé or some Tamela Mann- Take Me To The King is one of my absolute favs!!!
[[Throw on some gangsta rap and handle it!]]

Wake that body up by taking a quick walk or run, or even just clean up the house a little! Get your heart pumping! Raise your energy levels! -Thank me later!

Try a Personal Development video to wake up your mind! I love watching a motivation video in the morning! It makes you focus and listen! Plus it grows your brain!
[[see my top fav list of videos --here(link to blog)--]]

Go over your schedule for the day! What is first on the to do list?! Start with the most important things first! [[see how I manage my TO do list --here(link to blog)--]]

MAKE YOUR BED! Making your bed takes a little energy and a little focus to make it right lol so this also gets your body and mind going! You can even listen to the music and dance while you do this! ;)
Plus this makes your bed feel so much better when you head to bed that night!

Throwing on some makeup and even a tshirt and cute leggings will make you feel better!! Even if you aren't even leaving the house lol it just uplifts you, and you'll be feelin’ yourself a little more so your confidence level will rise!

AND THAT! That's how I slay my mornings! I’m not going to say that I wake up like this every day, because there are many times I stay up way too late and get up 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave. However, there is a drastic difference when I start my day this way. Stay tuned for my recommended stretch and workout routines, helpful apps, and scheduling tips!

Next week in the Slay Your Day Series I will tell you how planning the night before will set you up for success, and make mornings like these possible!

---Lay out workout clothes or sleep in them
Set an alarm with music
Get up before you mind tells you not to