Regardless of what your mother told you (sorry mom), Sunday is the most important day of your week.

I know what you’re thinking… “but Alexa, Sunday means the weekend is over & we go back to the grind the next day.” Believe me, I hear you, I really do, and I used to have the exact same mindset. You have to recondition yourself to treat Sunday as the most important day of your week so that you can set yourself up for success when that Monday morning alarm starts blasting, and I’m so excited to show you how!


First and foremost, treat Sunday as your pamper day.

This will not only have you looking forward to a little TLC on Sundays, but it will also give you skin a little break from makeup. Yes, if you have to do something that involves a face of makeup, feel free, but for the rest of the day, keep that foundation & concealer away from your face. Go ahead & add any hair or face masks to this day as well since you’ll have a little extra time to enjoy them.


Secondly, get yourself a game plan.

I like to keep our Sundays free of any outside errands so that I can focus on getting our house & week in order. I know not everyone has this luxury, but with a planner and a little extra attention to detail, you’d be surprised how much you can free up your Sunday. However you decide to spend your Sundays, set yourself a game plan & make sure you do everything you can to stick to it. It’s very true that a Sunday well spent will bring a week of content.


Last but not least, make a to do list and finish it.

No one likes starting a Monday with a monkey on their back. You know those tasks you’ve been putting off all week & feeling the stress from? Write them all down by priority and finish them on Sunday. Nothing feels better than waking up Monday morning, grabbing your iced coffee, and being able to take on the day with a fresh set of tasks and goals. Don’t procrastinate and just finish it all on Sunday in between your other house chores. You’ll thank me later.

A few other tips and tricks that I’ve found help me on Sundays are things like meal prepping for the week, picking out my outfit for Monday, packing my gym bag, and anything else that will make my mornings a little more polished & a little less “oh no, I’m wearing two different shoes.”

So now that I’ve spilled my secrets… I’m ready to hear yours!

Let us know down below what helps you get through your Sunday!

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