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If you’ve used Instagram, you know how important hashtags are on it. And from someone who used to never use them.... I finally realized their full potential and ways to use hashtags strategically to actually find my tribe on Instagram.

Well— how to get my tribe to find ME on Instagram.
So now it’s my turn to teach you!

So we can throw any hashtags on our posts and hope of getting more likes on them. And... we do. But Most people only think about the “appearance” of a popular post. But what if you could actually use hashtags to have your content found by the “right” people?

Here’s how to do it!
I use a very strategic formula when it comes to hashtags to ensure that my posts show up as a top post in searches for my tribe (niche) and be found by them!

But first, you have to figure out what you want those targeted keywords to be.
You need to know what hashtags you’re gonna use to stand out on Instagram. Those keywords that people will search for and find YOU.

This won’t be some term like “fashion” or “blogger” or “bossbabe” or whatever else. You need to be specific.

You need to know what sets you apart, but also, what your tribe is looking for on Instagram. You can use all the best keywords in the world, but if they aren’t what your tribe is actually looking for and clicking on, then you’re wasting your hashtags.

So take some time, do some research, and choose your best hashtags to represent your brand, business, and tribe interests.

So, now that you have that figured out, here’s my strategy for hashtag success.

➕ you’re going to use 15-20 hashtags per post. You can use up to 30, but can’t use more than 30 or your comment won’t post.

➕use 4-5 super popular hashtags. These are hashtags that are related to your content but that fall inot millions of posts on that hashtag. For example, I use hashtags like #bossbabe and #business and #entrepreneur. All super popular but still related to what I do and the content I’m posting. Every hashtag you use, should be related to your content, your business, and/or your context.

➕use 5-7 moderately popular hashtags. These are the hashtags that have tens to hundreds of thousands of posts associated with them. Again, these are hashtags related to your content and brand but that start getting a little more targeted in.

➕use 2-5 niche specific hashtags. These are those target keywords I told you to figure out. The ones your audience is actually searching for. And these are the ones that don’t have a lot of content associated with them in the hashtag search galleries.

➕use 1-2 branded hashtags that are only for your branded content. Whether you or your customers are using them, these are the hashtags that will have all of your content.

And that’s it!

But how does it work?…

When you post your content using this strategy, you will see a burst of activity from the popular hashtags. Yes, some of this activity may come from bots. Some of it may come from randoms. It’s okay, you need that initial burst of engagement. Then, literally, in a matter of minutes, because those popular hashtag hubs are so active, your content is buried in the archives of that hashtag, never to be seen again. But that’s okay too!

This is where the moderately popular hashtags kick in. Your content will stay active in these hashtag hubs for hours, if not days, keeping your content actively engaged over time.

And this is only your hashtag activity. You’re also getting constant engagement from your followers on your post so it’s staying active in both your existing audience, and new audience views.

When Instagram is looking at your post content, it sees good immediate engagement, good long term engagement, and good engagement across new and existing audiences. So it determines your content is worth showing to more people!

And then, — you show up in both the Explore tab for the right target audiences, but also that you show up as a top post for your niche specific hashtags that you have already determined your tribe is searching for.

And posts that show up in the top post section of hashtag hubs can stay there for days and weeks! Which means you have the opportunity to put yourself in front of all the right people looking for what you have to offer!

It could mean new followers, more engagement, more clicks to your website, and eventually, more sales. I don’t have to tell you this is a winning strategy!

I literally use this strategy on almost every single post I share to Instagram. I recommend all my clients use this strategy. I teach this formula and strategy when I do live training sessions and webinars. Because DUH, IT WORKS!

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And don't forget to snag the cheat sheet below!

Crissa Smith