Attracting Leads With Storytelling + Lifestyle Posts

Social media changes and evolves daily. So the way we do business has to change too! 

How should you post about your business and attract more people?

A lot of time, so many people who have "mastered" recruiting and posting have already "made it," so we think it's easy for them to talk about owning their own time, doing fun things, etc. 

Do you feel that way? I know I did!

What should lifestyle posts look like?

What should you do if you still work a full time job? You're still struggling? But you want to be honest too?

What are some ways you can share the opportunity, when maybe you haven't felt the greatness of it yet?

I love this question because I remember not too long ago being there! 

You join the business and talk about the friendship, Fun, and Freedom but your friends and family don’t see any change so you get a little frustrated and want to give it up to get away from the humiliation.

STOP…it doesn’t have to be that way!

You say that the people that have “made it” can post lifestyle pictures... but what did they do before they made it? Because they started just like you without the lifestyle, right? Right! 

They too were struggling to pay the bills, to own a new car, to purchase their first home, to get out of debt.  

A new study shows that 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What do you think would appeal to them?


Here are some suggestions:

1. Show a picture of your light bill and how you paid that with cash from your business.

2. Show a picture of you with your kids in the park with a picnic dinner paid for from your business.

3. Show a picture of you paying double on your student loans because of your check.

4. Show a picture of you going on a date with your spouse to the movies paid for by your business.

5. Show a picture of you purchasing school clothes for your kids that was paid for by Your business.

See where I'm going with that?!

What people want are the everyday life purchases that are a struggle within itself...  Spending time with their children.... The stress of just being able to pay for something without a calculator.


✨ALWAYS take these examples and make them your own! People want to know about YOU, not me! 

✨Set your pride aside & be transparent. People will relate to your reality!

✨KNOW your WHY & talk about your goals. If your why doesn't make you cry, find a new one! Don't think that your are limited to only talking about the money you've made—talk about how your future goals are going to change your life!

Be you.

Be relatable.

Be a dreamer and help someone else be one too!

AND later today, we will be popping in our MEMBERS ONLY HANGOUT to do a live training about how to make BOMB lifestyle posts that draw your tribe in on a whole notha level!💞👯

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Crissa Smith