Beauty Hoarders 101

We all do it unfortunately…

especially if you’re like me and work within the beauty influencer world: hoard beauty products. Look, I get it. That shade of red lipstick may be needed at the football game in the Fall, and yes, that eyeshadow would be PERFECT for next year’s New Year’s Eve but consider me your beauty BFF here and I’m telling you… throw it out. Most people are unaware that makeup and other beauty related products actually DO have an expiration date. Lucky for you we’re at that super cool BFF status and I’m going to keep you from putting those germs on your face *yuck*. Here is the basic rundown so feel free to print it out and put it by your makeup so you avoid the next germ makeup faux paux.

First and foremost, if you look on most of your makeup where the ingredients are located, you will see a little jar like image with a number instead (just like this: If you can’t find the little symbol, use this as your guide for the basics:



Mascara: 3 months

Liquid Eyeliner: 6 months

Eyeliner Pencil: 1 year

Eyebrow Gel: 1 year

Cream Eyeshadow: 1 year

Powder Eyeshadow: 2 years


Lipgloss: 1 year

Lipstick: 2 years

Lip Liner: 2 years


Cream or Liquid Foundation: 1 year

Concealer: 1 year

Face Powder: 2 years

Cream Blush: 1 year

Powder Blush: 2 years


My first thought whenever I saw how FAST some products go bad was, “How on earth will I use this all?” The best way I’ve found is to keep a makeup inventory so I know what I have and when I know, I use it!

Want to make your own DIY makeup inventory?

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Bri Long