Behind The Scenes + Influencer Secrets

If you joined me for my blog last week (find it here), I hopefully answered all of your questions regarding how to become an Influencer. If we’re basically besties at this point, you caught my Facebook live in the members only area (take our relationship to the next level here) and took it one step further to becoming an Influencer queen! Now you’re probably thinking, “Alexa… I got my first brand deal...what the heck do I do now?!” Well I’m here to save the day & break it down for you!

The first thing I do personally when I get a new brand deal is come to an agreement with the brand on what all will be included within this specific campaign. This can include compensation, which social platforms I will post on and what date everything needs to be done by.

The next thing is simple: deliver. Even though I say this is simple, you’d be surprised how many influencers fall before they fly when it comes to this step. Life gets in the way, I get it… but you have to think of this as a job & when you do, you have to meet deadlines & deliver what you agreed upon in order to keep a great relationship with that company or brand.

Last but not least, I work on continuing to build that relationship with the company or take the time to realize this was a one time thing. Some companies want to grow their relationship with an influencer and others want to keep it short & sweet for a certain product launch. It is important that you identify which case it is and regardless, keep that bridge open for the future. You never want to be that person that keeps emailing a brand about working together and come off the wrong way.

Now that we’ve covered the bare bones of what to do next, are you fired up?

Do you want to learn more? Join me tonight in the members only area where I will reveal my behind the scenes secrets and dive into this topic more in depth so you can learn how to apply it to YOUR brand. You won’t want to miss it ;)

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Bri Long