Breaking The Algorithm // Facebook

What is the Facebook algorithm?

Facebook has said that the average user has access to more than 1,500 posts per day, but only sees 300. The Facebook algorithm has many many ways Facebook uses to decide which posts should be among the 300 that gets shown in your tribe's News Feed. Basically, it’s how Facebook distributes an overwhelming amount of content into an informative/relative chunk for each user.


How to expand your reach on Facebook!


The Facebook algorithm is beyond complicated—but there are a few things you can do to improve your reach:


Share Quality content

Sharing quality content is essential to not only being shown in News Feed, but having your content appear higher in users’ feeds.


Share high-quality content whenever possible

* Be informative! Be the go-to person! (in whatever way that makes sense for your business and your brand)

* Don’t copy/paste + reuse content from ads for or other page posts because the more they are used, the more these posts will receive less organically shared attention.


Don’t be spammy


* Avoid encouraging users to take a particular action when they view a post—such as encouraging lots of clicks

* Don’t like-bait ( posts that ask users to like, comment, or share the post)

* When looking for content to share, watch out for frequently circulated content (photos or videos that have been uploaded to Facebook over and over again) -the more things are posted, the less organic they are and the less they show up in news feeds.


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Bri Long