Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone

Want to know the one thing that can really help you #changethegame when it comes to your business?

You're probably not going to like this answer--


Yikes.  I know, that one sucks right? But growth does not happen in comfort zones! SO, if you really want to grow, and do BIG things, it's time to start learning to love being uncomfortable!

And ya know I'm gonna #keepitreal-- you've got to be ready to push your boundaries and take action right now!


Here's the thing--Your comfort zone is just that – comfortable  – but it can keep you walled-in and unable or unwilling to leave that zone and face the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving success.

Maybe you can do your job without even thinking. It’s so familiar to you that you’re blinded and may bump into obstacles without even knowing what they are or how to get around them.

You can either take steps to break through your comfort zone and learn and try new things - or let yourself fall backwards because there no challenges and apathy is comfortingly familiar to you.

 You can start slow, or you can dive right in, but the most important thing is that you just START!

You can start by trying is to develop new skills, learn something new or get yourself in a new routine of doing things.

Another comfort zone breaking technique is to try is doing a favor for someone or volunteering when someone asks for help. Or become a mentor to someone and teach them what you know!

Welcome change in your business and in your life. If you're not changing, you're not growing, or evolving! If something isn’t working and you’re bored or unfulfilled, change it.

I'm not saying it's time to quit your job, throw caution to the wind and move to Maui, but I am saying start by taking  small assertive steps to raise your business and personal standards, and pursue opportunities you may enjoy. It's better to risk than it is to REGRET!

If you’re not a risk-taker, you may have fears that make you resist challenges or new opportunities. In that case, take the steps gradually and see if you fit into the path you’re thinking of choosing.

For example, start with an online course that you participate in part time rather than quitting your job and heading to the unknown on a whim might backfire and make you even more fearful to be assertive.

You don’t have "wild out" to try new things. Start with doing your research and smaller commitments such as a side hustle or online courses!

Even if you decide not to ultimately pursue them, just taking action will give you a sense of accomplishment and help your self-confidence soar. 

Getting out of your comfort zone might make you feel lost at first - like Dorothy in the Land of Oz - but eventually, you’ll see and take advantage of all the magic it offers. You’ll awaken your passions and develop self-esteem that you never knew you had!


Come hang out with me in the #TRENDSETTERS group this afternoon where I'll be sharing more about some ways you can overcome your fears and break through your comfort zone to reignite your fire & make some magic! ✨

Bri Long