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Content, Content, Content.

I feel like between my YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blog all my life revolves around sometimes is coming up with & organizing content for my followers. To someone from the outside looking it it may seem easy, but if you’re like me, you know how much truly goes into making sure you not only come up with perfect content but you organize it correctly as well. Until I fully grasped the concept of that, I never truly achieved the goals I wanted to with my social media. Now that I have a method that works for me, I have not only reached those goals, but I have surpassed them.

Today I’m going to reveal the main pieces of the content planner puzzle, and then tonight in the MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group I am going to show you my personal content planner, how I use it, and some secrets I don’t share with anyone else! If you haven’t signed up for the members only area, make sure you do so, but until then, lets get into the puzzle pieces shall we? :)


This may seem pretty self explanatory, but you would be surprised. Whether you have a full year’s worth of monthly pages, six months, or even one month, you NEED a calendar page for each month to visibly see what is coming up, where new content can fit, and when you have to meet specific deadlines if that applies to you and your business.



This may be one of my favorite pages even though it has my least favorite name. This could a page (or a few) where you just write down all of your ideas. This doesn’t have to be organized or have any rhyme or reason… you just write. I like to keep a few of these & update them from time to time so when I need to schedule or create more content, I have an ever flowing list to pull from!



These pages are gold for planning. Once I have an idea of something I want to post, film, etc I will give it it’s own page. I will write the title in bold across the top and then write anything & everything needed for that content. If it’s a video, I will write down the date I would like to have it up by, a list of anything I may need, and a few talking points that I know  I want to hit on. I will do the same for a blog post but modify it down so that it fits a blog style.



This part is so fun to me! I love to break down my content planner by months & include inspiration photos that I’ve either pulled out of magazines or printed to create a style board of sorts. This really helps me keep myself on brand for the month, aim for my overall vision, and stay creative all in the same space!


So now that I’ve shared my 4 major areas of my content planner, why not see mine in action & get my tips & tricks for not only having a content planner wasting away on your desk, but actually putting it to work?

Join me tonight in the members only area where I’ll walk you through my personal content planner, how I use it, and some secrets I don’t share with anyone else!

If you haven’t signed up for the members only area, make sure you do so! I can’t wait to see you there!