Fall In Love With Your Journey

We all have a few skeletons in our closets. These are the stories that we often try to pretend never happened and would probably be downright mortified if word of them ever got out. And every time we think of them, we probably feel a little bit of shame and a whole lot of discomfort.


But here’s the thing...it’s not the shame that’s making you uncomfortable boo! It’s the rejection. And the only person who’s rejecting you, is YOU!


The more uncomfortable the story, the more powerful it actually is.


In other words, it had a powerful role in shaping you into the person that you are today. So when you reject the story, you’re also rejecting the person that it helped shape you to be.


When you do this, not only are you not loving yourself, but you are also quickly depleting your own personal power because you are feeling the heartbreak of your own rejection. This is what causes you to feel discomfort.



When you learn to love your story, you learn to love yourself.


And It’s only when we love ourselves and our stories, deeply and unconditionally, that we can powerfully create a world we love around us. One that is absolutely perfect for who we are.


Do you have skeletons in your closet? Are you ashamed of your story? Well don’t worry because we got you!



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Massive love + light