The Magic Of Crystals

For as long as I can remember, I've always been into woo woo stuff,  but it was only a couple years ago that I've been increasingly drawn to crystals after a friend of mine suggested I carry a certain one with me to aid in enhancing intuition. 

Little by little, I started learning the benefits of many different stones, and began to carry certain ones around with me for "good luck", and positive energy.

As time went on, I decided to start making some of my favorite crystals into pendants, so I can wear them instead of have them in my pocket.  Eventually, I started making them for friends as special gifts, and finally decided to sell them on Etsy.  This hobby and passion of mine, quickly and unexpectedly turned into a mini side biz, and people from all over the country have been ordering my one of a kind pieces.  I thank the universe for that. ;-)


I love sharing the benefits of crystals and how they can help you in SO many ways... from attracting abundance, to building confidence, to relieving stress, and even helping you reach new levels of success in your life and business!  If you're new to the crystal world, it may seem overwhelming or even intimidating to begin your journey to working with the magic of these amazing stones. 


My goal for this post is to help you learn a bit more, so you can experience the amazing benefits for yourself.  It doesn't have to be complicated, and anyone can learn how work with them in no time.  Below, I am going to answer some very common questions when it comes to working with crystals, and will be doing a "7 Days Crystal Healing" training next week (more on that at the end).

Let's begin, shall we? 


"How do I know what crystals to choose to work with?"

Most of the time, you will intuitively feel drawn to certain stones at different times, and will come to find out that the benefits of that particular stone are exactly what you needed.  Other times, you may consciously want to heal or work on a certain thing, and can look up what stones will help you with that particular situation.  When I am choosing crystals at a spiritual/metaphysical store, I like to actually pick them up and hold them for a minute and "feel" what one feels right for me.


"What do I do with them to feel the benefits?"

There are many ways you can work with crystals to experience their benefits, from wearing them as jewelry, to keeping one under your pillow when you sleep, to meditating while holding a crystal.

I use them in many different ways, but love meditating with certain crystals depending on what kind of assistance I am seeking, or may just use a piece of Amethyst or Clear Quartz.  Amethyst is great for easing stress, promoting relaxation, and spiritual growth, and Quartz is great for balancing your energy, clarity, and focus.


"Can they help me with physical issues?"

Yes, there are many crystals that help with different physical issues and illnesses, however, you should not replace conventional medicine or seeing your doctor when needed. 

Some stones can be placed on areas of your body that are in pain to relieve the pain.  If you're experiencing a headache, sore throat, or chest pain, you can lie down and place a crystal that is associated with that chakra on the area to help. 


"Do I need to cleanse/charge them?  How often?"

Most stones do need to be cleansed/charges after use because they absorb so much energy.  Cleansing them will help them return to their natural state, and you can get the most benefit from working with them.  There are many ways to cleanse your stones, from letting them sit in the natural sunlight, to burning sage and allowing the crystal to pass through the smoke.


There are a few crystals that are said to never need cleansing, (selenite, citrine, and kyanite to name a few), however, I still like to give all stones a good "bath" of positive energy and cleanse them.  You can do this as often as you like.  If I am using particular stones more then others, I prefer to cleanse them once or twice a week.  If I just have some sitting on a table or somewhere special, I may do it once every couple weeks.


"What stones are the best for manifesting?"

The grand daddy crystal for manifesting is definitely Citrine!  It's known as the stone of abundance and is said to also increase your confidence and belief in yourself, which in turn will definitely help you with your manifesting skills. 

A couple other great stones for abundance are Pyrite (which is also known as fools gold) and is a stone of good luck and prosperity, and Peridot, which is a small green stone and is known to increase prosperity and happiness.


"Do they work for everyone?"

Yes, the benefits of crystals can be experienced by anyone and everyone, and as part of Mother Earth, they are meant to help us connect to the subtle energies outside of what we can see.  With that said, it definitely helps to have an open mind, and believe in the healing benefits of these stones.  When we combine our own personal energy (by setting intentions, and believing), it makes it that much easier to see or feel the magic of working with crystals.


I hope this was helpful to you and has inspired you to delve even deeper and begin (or continue) your own personal growth journey with the help of crystals! 

Next week, I'll be doing a live 7 Days of Crystal Healing challenge, and am super excited to share more!


During those 7 days, you'll learn:

* The name benefits of over 20 of my personal favorite stones

* How to use crystals to help ease stress and anxiety

* How to work with crystals to manifest more abundance

* How to use crystals to boost self confidence

* How to cleanse/charge crystals for best use.

* Why it's important to set powerful intentions with crystals, and how to do so.

* What a crystal grid is, how it works, and how to create your own

* How to meditate with crystals to attract more abundance and east stress and anxiety

Sign up here to join the party! 



Stephanie Bellinger //

Bri Long