Ready to BLOW up Online?!

You know that ONE thing in your business you "should" do-- but are resisting like crazy?

Let me guess, your palms are already getting sweaty and you're getting a little shifty eyed ready to make a run for it.. because you know exactly what I'm talking about--

going LIVE!

Calm down, it's okay! You're not alone!

In fact, 90% of bizbabes are scared to go LIVE because they just aren't sure what to talk about, afraid they will look or sound awkward, and are terrified of being "judged" by their viewers!


Before I pressed GO LIVE on my first video I....

➕Paced around my house for 20 minutes

➕Broke out in hives


And then... two things happened...

1. I barely had any viewers.

2. I didn’t die...I know, it's scary at first!

But Here's the deal.. if you are growing a personal brand + business using social media—

you have to get on LIVE VIDEO! (This is not going away!) 😂🤷🏻‍♀️


So we wanted to share a few tips with you today to help you feel prepared and less nervous!


💗Give it Some Thought –

It’s important that you give some thought to your live! Don’t do it just because the function exists or because everyone else is doing it. Do it because you can figure out why you should do it, how to do it, and exactly what you’ll do with it.


💗Have a Clear Purpose –

When you do a liveyou want to know exactly why you’re doing it. Are you doing it to provide more value to your audience? Are you doing it to convert subscribers to buyers? Are you doing it to promote a sale or something else entirely? When you know why you’re doing it, it’s going to be easier to ensure that you remember your calls to action. BE INTENTIONAL!


If you're struggling to figure out what to do a live about keep in mind these three guidelines!


1. What does my tribe need/want right now?

2. What lights me up?

3. What helps me hit my goals?


💗Work Smarter Not Harder –

Once your live is done, where else can you leverage it? Maybe you turn it into a blog, or share it in your YouTube, etc! The more people it reaches, the more it can serve!


💗Have a Little Fun–

A live event should be something that is fun and exciting. It’s really kind of like having your own reality show if you really think about it. You’re able to invite your audience right into your life with a touch of a button and share anything with them.


💗Consider the Ambiance –

What’s going on in the background is important as is the lighting, sound and other issues that make for a good live. It’s important that you check to ensure that the background looks good along with the video itself looking and sounding good.


Remember: Stuff Happens – Let’s make something very clear about technology. It doesn’t always work.

You’re going to experience glitches and problems; this is just the way it is with technology. Sometimes it’ll work really good and other times it won’t work at all. Be prepared and laugh it off. You can always do it over.


💗Put Your Tribe First👯 –

Everything you do should have been passed through the lens of your tribe. Will the they enjoy it? Will the they understand it? Is this something your tribe even wants or needs? You don’t want your lives to be self-centered and all about you but rather about your tribe.


💗Choose the Right Time of Day –

This goes back to considering your tribe. What is the right time of day to do a live event that works for most of your tribe? Keep in mind that livesare recorded and will get a lot of play later, but if you want a truly successful live event make sure the time is right for your tribe.


💗Stay Positive –

When you do a live people, get to look at your face, into your eyes and see your smile. They can pick up on much more on your personality due to the fact that they can hear your voice, see your smile, and look into your eyes. This is a great way to remember that positivity goes a long way. So, even if something goes wrong, laugh it off and stay positive.


💗Choose Your Audience Setting Strategically –

When you push out a live event, you can choose the audience that sees it. Ensure that you choose the right audience so that they’ll be happy to see it. Plus, the more you choose the better targeted the video will be if you’re knowledgeable about the audience in advance.


💗Be Consistent –

When you start any type of marketing experiment it’s important to remember that consistency is a huge factor in creating success. Be consistent about putting out regular content, be consistent about answering questions, be consistent in the branding you use to promote your business and you’ll be that much more successful.


💗Repeat Your Point –

When you do any type of video, it’s imperative that you remember to repeat your points. Consider the fact that not everyone is watching from start to finish. Think about how news shows work. The reporters or spokesmen state their names, what their news or point is, and they mention a call to action many times during the "show". You should do the same.


Remember that lives always take on a life of their own. Anything can happen, and will happen.

That’s great because the energy level that is created during the event will translate into an excited audience that is ready to convert!


It's a NEW skill set- it’s different, + requires PRACTICE + CONSISTENCY just like anything else!

Waiting until you are "perfect" & saying to yourself, "But I don't know what to talk about..." isn't putting money in the bank!!

Making money as an entrepreneur REQUIRES you getting uncomfortable... OFTEN.

Are you ready to JUMP IN & take ACTION with us?This week inside our private FB group- Trendsetters, Crissa + I are hosting a Live Video Challenge

Attract Your Tribe With Live- 5 Day Challenge

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It’s time to rip off the bandaid off babe!!


Listen....If I can do it (the super shy, introverted, stutter, red in the face, sweaty girl I am)…


We believe in you!


Bri Long