How To Bust Through The Fears That Are Holding You Back Once And For All.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that we can feel. And if we allow it, it can completely take the wheel in our life, leaving behind an endless road of disappointments and unfulfilled dreams.  

And although many people will preach that we need to live fearlessly, that is actually quite an impossible thing to do.

Fear is a big part of the human experience.

We’ll always be afraid of one thing or another. But we must learn to move through it. The best way to do that is to learn to recognize and be aware of the fear so that we can be a little less accommodating when it decides it wants to call the shots in our own life. 

Remember that knowledge is power.

When you know the fear well enough to instantly recognize it and understand where it’s coming from, you have all you need to move through it with ease and grace. 

What is fear? 

Now not all fear is bad. There are some fears that we actually need for our own survival. These are those innate fears that keep us out of harm's way. 

Then there are the fears that are created in our minds by our ego. These fears are nothing more than an illusion designed by the ego to keep us safe. These are the ones we’re going to be working on busting today. 

How do you know when you’re in fear? 

The loudest voice in your mind is most likely just your fear talking.
That's the voice that's constantly saying: 
+ You can’t... 
+ You won’t... 
+ You shouldn’t... 
+ You should... 
+ You have to...
+ You’ll never...

The list can go on!

It’s also rarely ever a soothing voice. In fact, it usually goes off like a 1,000 voices in your mind at the same time, frantically telling you everything that you can and can’t do, followed by and endless rant of reasons why.  

These are the voices that you never want to listen to! 

Because...they’re just not real! They are all based on false illusions and limiting beliefs that we have picked up along the way. 

And although we will never make these fears ever really go away completely, that’s okay. The important thing is that we feel and embrace the fear and do it anyway. As you do this, you will fully start to take your power back. 

Do you find you’re often giving into your fears? Are you ready to stop letting fear call the shots in your own life? Don’t worry, we got you! 

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Massive love + light.