How To Create + Sustain Momentum in Your Daily Life

If you've been keeping along with our #BOSSLIFE posts this month you've learned some amazing new skills, habits and mindsets! Now it’s time to keep up the momentum! 

The biggest mistake, when it comes to momentum, is that people start too big and fall short. It's important to allow enthusiasm and passion to fuel your momentum rather than let all the action take responsibility for keeping up momentum. Nothing fuels momentum more than excitement!

How to incorporate momentum in your daily life so it doesn’t overwhelm you

+Find something every day toward your goal that makes you feel excited. When you are excited, you create your own momentum.

+Create a plan – once you have the underlying feelings, you’ll begin to notice momentum building up speed, however, you need to reign in that momentum otherwise you might get overzealous. You may find yourself veering off into several other ideas and creative endeavors. Create a plan of action as to where that momentum will carry you so it doesn’t carry you away.

+Believe in yourself – above and beyond all things, belief in yourself is key!

Sometimes you just have to tune out the voices and opinions of others & know that you and your work are worth it!

Today in the MEMBERS ONLY HANGOUT I'm chatting LIVE about how to create your momentum strategy step by step!

What works for one babe, doesn't always for another so we will dive deep to help you create the perfect strategy for YOU to keep the momentum + crush your goals!

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