Growing your FOLLOWERS on Instagram & getting more FRIENDS on Facebook = MORE LEADS!


Instagram 👯

1. Follow people that you would actually like to connect with! Then interact-- Like/comment on their photos!

2. Search hashtags of things you have interest in or would have in common with someone else. Follow, like and comment on a few photos! Chances are they will follow you back! The more people constantly seeing your stuff, the more people you will have interested in joining this business with you or trying the products!

Facebook 👯

1. Get in group pages that you vibe with!
Stay active in them, comment on threads and like posts! Don't say anything about your business unless it is called for, but use this to build friendships!

2. Add friends that you vibe with! Growing your friendslist is one of the most important things you can do! If you aren’t constantly growing your network, then you are only “selling” to the same people over and over and it will burn out!

Be INTENTIONAL + CONSISTENT every day and it WILL work.💚


Today in our MEMBERS ONLY area, I am sharing How I Maxed Out My Facebook Friends List + Grew My Instagram To Over 13k+ Followers!

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