How to SLAY your first YouTube video!

If you caught up with me last week, you were able to hear my experience with YouTube and my tips for making sure you get your channel up and running the RIGHT way! Now you’re probably asking yourself… well that’s all good & dandy but what do I do with my first video? A first video can be a big task to accomplish. This is the video that is introducing you to the YouTube world and you want it to be just right. For me personally, my first YouTube video was simple an introduction of myself. It was in black & white, filmed on my Macbook built in camera, and very candid. I think this was perfect for me because not only did it break any first video jitters that I had, but it also gave a glimpse into my personality.

    For YOUR first video, you really need to consider your audience, your passion, and overall what you feel most comfortable putting out there for the world to see. A few great examples for the beauty & lifestyle industry would be a What’s in My Bag video, The About Me TAG, or a Favorites video that highlights your favorite items for that month. These are awesome because not only are they well known, but they are highly searchable as well. Like I touched on in my members only Facebook Live last week, you can definitely start with a very original video in hopes of it going viral, but the chances of it doing so are somewhat slim. Don’t get discouraged though! You are going to rock your first YouTube video regardless of topic… all you have to do is follow a few easy steps to make sure you start out on the right foot!

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