Life of a work from home girl boss…we all know isn’t as glamorous as others would think. Sure we get to work in our sweatpants, with no makeup on – but this also means that we work from home…with our kids…dogs…distractions…husbands…you get the point. Here are a few ways that I stayed motivated :

➕ Have a Designated Work Space

Having an Office Space Full of Only Pretty & Motivational Work Stuff
gets me LIT! What about you? This sounds like a no-brainer, but I think that we all know how easy it is for our kid’s toys to end up in our office, for your office papers to be a hot mess, and/or to not have enough space.
being organized and having a specific place helps you get to work easier and to stay on task--- which leads to finishing your task quicker!

➕ Dress For Success
Sweat pants or a business suit, it’s your call. However, if you know you feel like watching Scandal when you wear your sweat pants, they probably aren’t the best to wear for work. When you feel good, you produce better work.


➕ Make a Schedule
Make a schedule and stick to it! It seems like the most simple task, but if you take a couple of minutes to write down your goals, it can be the driving force of your day. Put your list somewhere in clear sight, so if you get distracted you can see it and stay on track. I love scheduling my days, It also helps me not work too late into the evening when I should be spending time with my family.


➕ Make Your Girl Boss Playlist
Does Beyonce gets you motivated?! Take her on and slayyyy! Spotify is my personal favorite because they have so many pre made playlists covering more genres than you can imagine, while still letting you make your own. Put your favorite tunes all on playlist and jam while you hustle!


➕ Unplug + regroup
stepping back from the current situation can make or break your motivation. If you catch yourself getting frustrated or turning valleys into mountains, stop and look at the big picture. After you unplug a second, think about it. Why are you upset? How can you fix the situation? Reassess and move forward!
➕ Afternoon Coffee ☕️
Afternoon coffee soothes the soul. It is the perfect time for a little caffeine boost. When the desire for an after lunch nap begins to dance across your eyes, grab your coffee babe. You can push through the last few hours. Coffee will never let you down!

Being a girl boss is amazing , even when staying organized does not come easy. Spoil yourself throughout your day and then put it away when the work time done. You will thank yourself for it later. 💕

Crissa Smith