Every single day, more and more of your tribe is scrolling Facebook! According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on social media and messaging increased a staggering 400% last year!

What does that mean for you? It means that's social media and messaging apps are being used more and more every day! You have to realize that you can communicate with your tribe where they are, and having a messenger app or way to chat with them on that social site can up your sales! Sometimes email is considered spammy, text is limited, and phone calls call for undivided attention, and people are busy! Though that isn't completly true, messenger has become a way that I grow my leads//potientials and get them onto my list, in my phone, or on the phone with me! So here are a few tips on how I kill it on Facebook messenger!

1 // Start your message with an emoji! When you get your mail you don't read it in order. You sort through it first. People do this online as well. When you start off with an emoji it helps your message stand out and get sorted to the top. Remember bill collectors don't use emojis! 😘😂

2 // Use their first name. It is people's favorite word, but make sure that you spell it right or otherwise it is a thoughtfulness fail! Influence is not about quantity but quality. Know a little bit about the person you are messaging first (and hopefully you have liked and commented on some of their posts first).

3 // Don't copy and paste (at least entirely). Part of what will land you in FB jail is copy and pasting the same message too many times. Use notes in your phone to have some sample copy options but then make sure to change it up a little. [ bonus tip on posting below ]. 😍

4 // Address a need. Message them not for what they can do for you, but what need or dream you can help in their life. Also when building a relationship you don't always have to ask for something. Build relationships by providing value. This can be done as simple as liking and commenting, but you can also connect them with something awesome you think they would really like. 

Example: Does the person absolutely LOVE [insert something awesome], then when you see that awesome something, message it to them and tell them you were thinking about them. To me this is the ultimate test if someone really cares or they are just trying to capitalize. 

REMEMBER: Social media is not about COLLECTING people, but instead CONNECTING with people.

5 // Three of the top five fastest growing social media platforms are social messaging networks (ie Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat). Sending plain text is boring and get's ignored. Add emojis, attach a pic, or use a gif. People LOVE gifs. 

---- Quick Facebook Hack

Posting is Marketing.
Messaging is Sales.

To make your DREAM happen, you are going to have to at some point make an ASK. Follow these 5 tips and you are on your way to making that dream a reality! 💞

LEVEL UP--- I recently uncovered that Facebook is using some of the same techniques as Google for ranking content they will show (ie: what your friends will see). Just like when you search a hotel or something on your browser, it just so happens to pop up in your timeline! Isn't it crazy?!

+++++ For those of you that copy and paste posts -- FB is actually tracking that and penalizing your posts. I think this is a good thing. I don't want a copy of a copy of something. Instead take that that post as a post idea and then make it your own. 💎

Hope these tips help! Join me in Trendsetters later for a Live on How to Level up your business on Facebook even more!!

Crissa Smith