Do you often feel like you are attracting the same relationships into your life? Do you often wish you could trade in some of your not so good feeling relations into more loving and fulfilling relationships?


Well I have a secret for you all starts with you.

Our relationships are often our greatest teachers. And one of the most powerful lessons that they teach is, the relationship that have with ourselves. But in order to extract the lessons, we need to:

-Examine how these relationships are making us feel

-Get honest about how they are only mirroring back to us a limiting belief or negative pattern that we have towards ourselves

In other words, if we’re feeling like we’re not being unconditionally loved and accepted for who we are, how are we not being unconditionally loving and accepting of ourselves?

If we’re feeling like we’re not being valued or appreciated for all the things that we do, how are not valuing and appreciating ourselves?

If we’re feeling like we are last on everyone’s list, how have we we put ourselves last on our own list.

I could go on…

The point here is that if the relationships in your life are constantly leaving you feeling like something is missing, take whatever it is that’s missing and give it towards yourself.

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Massive love + light.