The dictionary defines an effective leader as a person who does the following:

•Creates an inspiring vision of the future.

•Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.

•Manages delivery of the vision.

•Coaches and builds a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision.

Leadership brings together the skills needed to do these things. 


I was curious how others define leadership, so I asked! Here's a few of the responses I got:

“Confident, assertive person who not only cares about their work but their work of their whole team!”


“Someone who empowers and inspires others.

Someone you takes the time to work with people, and help them succeed.

Genuine, real, a go getter!!”


Then I asked myself--"what does leadership mean to ME?"

I believe leadership means living with integrity. 

To me leadership means putting others before myself and giving all I can to help them!


Leadership often demands to deal with uncertainty and to take decisions hoping that other people will follow. Success in leadership does not come from role and title but from clear purpose, passion and self-awareness!


Here are three fundamentals that have helped me become a better leader and I believe is essential skills of any effective leader. 

1. Build trust - Trust is hard to build and easy to lose in this era of social media tools where you are constantly exposed. Trust is the conviction that the leader means what he says. As Peter Drucker said, “It is a belief in something very old-fashioned, called integrity.”



2. Be mindful - Mindfulness is the process of noticing new things which places you in the present allowing you to take advantage of opportunities and situations which results in no longer having people applying yesterday’s solutions to today’s challenges.


3. Have faith - Faith creates room for good things to happen. It gives you the strength to take the decisions that you think are right. It helps you to tell the truth about yourself, your company, your circumstances and makes your vision manifest. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “to believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”


Deciding to be a leader not only in your business or job, but also in your community and world is one of the bravest choices that can be made in life!  It requires courage, awareness and flexibility as you continuously evolve!!


Now you know what leadership means to others, and me, but the real question is-- what  does leadership mean to you? 


Later on today, I'll be sharing in the MEMBERS ONLY HANGOUT five things you can start doing today to make you a better leader!  

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Bri Long