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Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous!

Whether you’d check the single, taken, or “building my empire” box — we hope that today is a very special day filled with love! 

And we wanted to chat about the BEST love— SELF LOVE! ♥️

Let’s be honest—Are you truly showing yourself the love you crave and deserve?


I know, I know— you’re busy—blah blah blah.


In a world full of obligations, we *try* to do our best and “prioritize.” The things that seem to be the most important get done first. Less urgent issues receive attention when time we can.


And some days— you may even find yourself just rushing through life trying to keep things from falling apart. During these hectic times, self love probably falls to the bottom of the list.


Unfortunately, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of practicing self love on a regular basis. Lacking those feelings of love and connection from within can have negative effects on your other relationships and so many other aspects of your life.


So how do you find time for self love + actually make it happen?


Start Small

If you aren’t used to being intentional in setting aside time for yourself, it may be best to start with baby steps. Brainstorm ways to spend just a short block of time each day or even a few times a week at first. Perhaps 20 minutes after the kids go to bed or a phone call during a common quiet period during your days could be easier to arrange than you thought. Soon, you’ll find this habit becomes routine and much easier to prioritize and begin to notice and enjoy the many benefits it brings!


Get creative

Sometimes you may have to move things around a little bit in your schedule and plans be able to find time. Challenge yourselves to be creative, and you’ll have a handful of ideas in no time. For example, instead of planing an entire spa weekend, perhaps you could schedule one smaller spa trip once a month.  You’ll be surprised the impact having that time alone to care for yourself will have.


On occasion, retail therapy is a must!

Seriously! If you want to feel spoiled and abundant in your life, biz, relationships — start by making sure that you first spoil yourself every once in a while! This helps you remember you don’t NEED anyone or anything to make you feel special + spoiled— you can feel that way all on your own! And you attract what you FEEL! 😘


So go ahead— #treatyoself this Valentine’s Day! And do it in style! Here are some of our faves to get ya started!

Bri Long