STANDING OUT LOUD // How To Stop Hiding And Start Shining

Do you ever feel like you’re invincible? Like no matter how hard you try no one ever really sees you? 

If you answered yes to these two questions, I have one more question for you. Do you REALLY see yourself? 

I ask this question because I just shared a post on Facebook, literally as I’m writing this blog post, that got a strong reaction from many of my followers. I would share it here but it contains some colourful language so I’ll just save that for the live :) 

But the point to this post was simple…

Be the person that you were before all that stuff happened that made you dim your shine! 

We all go through difficult periods in our lives. We have these traumatic experiences that change our perception of ourselves, and in many cases, the course of our lives. Now these changes could be direct or indirect, however the end result is the same. 

Sometime ago, something happened that made you abandon a part of you. Maybe it was out of guilt, shame, fear, it doesn’t matter. The point is that this experience was such that it made you turn your back on something that was and still is, an important part of who you are. 

Now this is nothing to feel bad about. We all experience this on some level. It’s part of our journey here. Because in the abandonment of that beautiful part of us, we discovered many other parts of who we are and what we are meant to bring, that we might have otherwise missed or never really truly discovered. 

But there comes a time when we need to bring that abandoned piece of us back. And when we do finally bring that back and bring it out for the world to truly see, and combine it with everything else that we have learned along the journey of life, that is when we truly begin to shine. That is when we finally become the person that we were meant to be.

So who you were you before whatever happened happened? What was is about you that made you unique and made you stand out among everyone else? Get reaquainted with that part of you. Play with it Explore it. Love it. And then let it out. 

It’s time. 

Need some help with this? We got you.

Join us live in the facebook group, where we will go in depth on how you can easily rediscover that special part of you that sets you apart from everyone else. I will also be sharing my best tips and techniques to make that light in you truly shine. 


Massive love + light. 


Maria Rei