The 5 Things Killing Your Motivation When It Comes To Working Out! (And Pretty Much Anything Else!)

Life is busy, and when it came to your fitness, you just fell off track.


You finally got yourself back on track, but now, you’re 2.5 weeks in and struggling to find the motivation to continue.


What seemed fun and challenging when you first started now just seems like a hassle.


Struggling to stay motivated to exercise is common among many people, so trust that you’re not alone.


Learning to identify common causes of lack of motivation can help you develop skills to increase your motivation and stick to your fitness goals.


Here are 5 common causes of lack of motivation that can cause you to fall off your fitness track:


1. You’re scared to fail.

    Being the newbie at the gym can be scary.  If you take a Zumba class, you may be nervous that you’ll look silly because you don’t know the dance moves.  If you lift weights, you may be scared to look dumb because you don’t know how to adjust the machines.


2.  You don’t believe in yourself.

    Few want to admit it, but maybe your self-esteem is suffering.  Maybe you don’t believe that you’re capable of achieving  your fitness goals or that you don’t deserve to achieve them.


3.  You’re stressed or overwhelmed.

    Feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed can take up a lot of your brain power, and some people choose to deal with it by practicing avoidance.  So, you just don’t exercise because you just can’t stand having another responsibility or another task to complete on your list.


4.  You’re a habitual procrastinator.

    You’ve simply developed the habit of putting things off until the last minute instead of working actively to meet deadlines or get things done ahead of time. Considering fitness, it’s crucial to remain balanced and consistent, so procrastinating and meeting fitness goals does not go hand-in-hand.


5.  You’re uninterested.

    It’s hard to engage yourself in an activity for which you lack interest.  Maybe you just haven’t found the right type of exercise activity for you, and you keep trying to make yourself do exercise that you don’t like.


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