The beauty subscription boxes you need RN😍


#CONFESSION: There’s nothing that makes me feel more like badass than a killer red lipstick.💋💄


so when my bestie started bringing me a new tube of a different shade of red lipstick a week I (wasn’t complaining but) had know — where were they all coming from?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

AND— come to find out, she had a confession to make of her own— she’s a beauty subscription box junkie! 😂


So in true #trendsetter style, I made her spill the tea! And wanted to share all the juicy deets with you too! 


💓Which boxes do you get?



Macy’s box

Sephora play box

Allure box

Walmart seasonal box

FabFitFun seasonal box

🖤why so many?

Because I’m a makeup junkie!!!!!! I love trying new things and always having a large variety to choose from!

💓favorite type of products to get in subcription boxes:

Tarte, Sephora, and MAC products are my fav! I love highlighters and eye shadows they always send such fun colors to try! Don’t get me wrong I love 90% of everything I get in the boxes but those are for sure my favorites!

⚡️favorite box you get + why!

This is so hard!!!!! I guess my favorite is Allure box and that’s simply because they don’t play they send so much in one little box! They never disappoint! Allure box does not send the same type of samples over and over so you always get something new! Sephora play runs a very very close second though.


❣️how long been getting each?

Ipsy: 5yrs

Birchbox: 5 years

Macy’s: 2 years

Allure: 3 years

Sephora play: 3 years

Walmart: 4 years

FabFitFun: just started!

💓Love about:

Ipsy: love the bags! I get a lot of Make up brushes from Ipsy I like that too!

Birchbox: I love the hair products I get from Birchbox they always send excellent products to help keep my color treated hair looking fresh!

Macy’s: for sure love all the “more expensive” brands I get in this box. Stuff I would not typically be able to afford to try so this is a way I can experience brands I otherwise wouldn’t be able too.

Allure:  I love that they never seem to repeat products so I always get to try something new. They send out a lot of full size products too not just samples. Their boxes are packed full each month so instead of 4-5 products you usually receive 7-8 things most months.

Sephora Play: what’s not to love? Sephora has an amazing make up line and I love their brand. They send out a lot of adventurous colors so I get to try things I might not otherwise feel comfortable/safe purchasing on my own for fear of living on the wild side lol.

Walmart box: meh 🤷‍♀️ just love that I get a box full of travel and full size samples for so cheap! $5.00 is all you pay for this box.

FabFitFun: I just ordered my first box but I love watching the videos of other unveiling their boxes! I’m trying to find a better healthier me and I feel like this box will help motivate me to do that.

🖤Don’t really love/could be better:

Ipsy: they send a lot of repeat items and rarely send out full size products 😔

Birchbox: They send way to many face moisturizers sometimes two or more in a box... I WANT MAKEUP!!!!

Macy’s: Pretty much the same as above I wish they would send out more makeup samples and less skin care products. I have sensitive skin so a lot of the skin care products I’m not able to use because they irritate my skin. I’ve also told them I am allergic to coconut but they still send me products containing coconut 😔

Allure: NO complaints! I’ve never been disappointed with this box not once!

Sephora play: wish they would send their stuff in a cute bag instead of just a little zip log like baggy. Also wish they would send more mascara samples!!!

Walmart: a lot of cheap drug store brand products but can’t complain for the price.

FabFitFun: I’ll find out soon enough 🤩

💓Type of products typically get:

Ipsy: 4-5 travel size samples (brushes, makeup, skin care, hair treatments)

Birchbox: 4-5 travel occasional full size products (mainly skin care products, some make up and hair products but not a lot)

Macy’s: high end products a good mix of travel and full size products (Tarte, MAC, urban decay... etc. More makeup than anything which I love!!)

Allure: name brand products usually multiple full size (Too Faced, Clinique, Bare minerals, etc.. also more make up than anything else)

Sephora Play: they typically send out a lot of their own Sephora Brand a good mix of travel and full size each bag has a perfume sample in it as well.

Walmart: drug store brand (hair sprays, shampoo/conditioners, body washes, face wash... etc)

FabFitFun: clothing, jewelry, home decor, exercise/yoga items


Ipsy $10

Birchbox $10

Macy’s $10

Allure $15

Sephora play $10

Walmart $5 (seasonal)

FabFitFun: $49.95 (seasonal)

❣️Favorite product ever :

Ipsy: for sure the bags that the products come in

Birchbox: murad facial cleansers

Macy’s: Tarte powder/foundations, MAC powders and lipglosses

Allure: OFRA highlight trio!!!!

Sephora Play: Bobby Brown mascara!!!

Walmart: Olay whipped facial cleanser and body wash

FabFitFun: waiting to see

💓recommend this box for babes who:

Ipsy: for babes who want a super freaking cute bag with some pretty cool products. If you love Makeup brushes and getting repeat items so you don’t run out this is the bag for you! At $10/month why not?

Birchbox: for Babes who want better/ youthful skin this is your box at $10/month they keep you stocked with skin care products

Macy’s: For Babes on a budget! If you can’t just go blow tons of money on fancy makeup but you want to try life in that lane this is a cost efficient way to do so. Who has to know you only paid $10/month for fabulous?!?!

Allure: for anyone who wants a lot of bang for their buck! Tons of samples and a cute mini magazine with each box!!!

Sephora Play: for Babes who are addicted to Makeup and want to be adventurous this subscription will not disappoint! $10/month to live on the wild side!!! It’s a must!

Walmart: for Babes who want a cheap surprise four times a year!! Maybe you just need a refresher something to lift your spirits and make it feel a little like Christmas each season...

FabFitFun: for Babes who are ready to live their best life to get in shape and feel good about themselves again.

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Are you a beauty box junkie too?! Which are your favorites? Which are you dying to try?!📲❣️

Bri Long