The Truth About Mean Girls!

Hey Babes,

I’m here to tell you the Real Honest Scoop-- there is no such thing as mean girls!

In “real life” girl code, or rather woman code, you don’t compete with other woman, instead you build each other up! AND  serve negativity with kindness.

I know we all have seen “mean girls” & we all have felt like the outsider and I feel you! At times we can feel attacked, but here’s thing-- when we change our thinking about “mean girls” we level up & become a boss woman! We then become remodels for the next girl gan!

Here are 4 ways we can change our thinking to eliminate “mean girl” thinking & shift to thinking like a real woman boss!

1. It’s time to rewire our thinking from the thought that the “cool girls” are against us &  start seeing them as our friends, and treat them as one by serving them up kindness! Chances are they had an icey armour on or felt threatened but when respect the babe code they will see that you come in peace! (And probably serve you back kindness!) Heck, maybe they become your new bestie!


2. If you come into a room or have the thought process, that everyone will be your bestie, you shine like the sparkly babe you are that is going to be your true outcome.

If someone still throws shade, that’s totally not your problem. You are showing up & leveling up, and that’s all you have control of!


3. Sometimes YOU are the mean girl. We often compare over and over for hours. We create the mean girl! You have to say “bye bye” to that inner mean girl! When you love yourself-- that sparkle spreads!


4. Throw glitter, never shade! What I mean is never try to dim your light by getting even! Just keep shining & remember all the babes (and mini babes) are watching your every move!

When we level up and show only grace, while make boss moves, we take down the need to have mean girls at all.


Babes, we are so busy building empires & creating lives that sparkle.

There is no time for mean girls! When we take those thoughts and replace them with high vibes within ourselves and around us, we are sending the message out that we are women who empower each other & sparkle together!

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Bri Long