Using Attraction Marketing In Social Media

I want to share some TIPS with you about ATTRACTING people to you + your business simply by the way you post! You may have noticed yourself that some photos you post get more likes/comments on than others.  There are several factors that go into why this may happen, and things you should or shouldn't do...


First understand HOW IT WORKS: Social Media platforms work differently now to be able to engage their audience better.  They want you to be drawn to your newsfeed so you have greater satisfaction, and continue to use their service. Social Media platforms now filter out the "noise" automatically.  Everyone's newsfeed looks different based on the stuff you like, and your interests.  (Yes, it is that smart now to know.) As a result, on average, only 18% of your friends see each post.

So how we change our visibility is by posting QUALITY and ATTENTION GRABBING posts.  There are many companies and businesses out there and we need to set ourselves apart.  We are here to share and not spam our friends.  Here are a few ways to improve your posts!


I'm going to start by sharing what NOT to do! (And later today in our members only hangout I'll be sharing the DO's!)

DON'T reuse those generic self made or even certain corporate images that have been shared hundreds of times. Social Media recognizes the same photo being posted multiple times, and will eventually block the photo all together from being shared.  This goes back to the power of posting your own images, and photos of you using/doing!

DON’T post too many "PUSH' posts.  "Contact me today now," or "today only message me."  In a push post, you are requesting something specific of your audience.  Instead, use "PULL" posts to draw them in.  Get real and honest.  Tell your story or someone elses story.  Let them know what these products/business is doing for you and how thankful you are for them.  Tell people how your business/profession has changed your life.  Explain where you were before the products/opportunity came into your life, what it is doing today for you, and what it will continue to do in the future!!  [I always say to use the Past, Present, Future layout. Your story before what you do, now and where you see yourself going because of…]


Ready for the DO's? Join us in the members only hangout today! 💖 

Bri Longsocial media