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Social media— everybody’s favorite way to interact with others around the world and grow their businesses by marketing their products and services.


Have you ever noticed how it seems like some babes seem to blow up over night and kill it on social media, and others are posting day in and day out without much of any interest whatsoever?


So What’s the difference between the girl who’s Killin’ it and the Wannabe?


The most important difference is their social media planning and ability to develop relationships! Let’s face it, you’re probably not the only babe in your industry. So if we’re talking about selling the exact same product,

What makes YOU stand out? Are you the #trendsetter or the wannabe?


Let’s break it down more:


The Social Media #Trendsetter is passionate about her brand and about her tribe. She interacts with her tribe every single day on social media by answering questions and replying to comments both on her own posts but also on other posts in her feed! She shares pieces of her life instead of bombarding her followers with product pitches. The #Trendsetter also knows, (by truly understanding her tribe), which platforms give her the most engaged babes,  and what they find irresistible! That is where she spends her time and focus!


The Wannabe also cares about people but she’s posting product photos on every single social media platform available, desperate to make a sale. She figures that people don’t buy the first time they hear about her product so she continues to post about the product. She doesn’t notice when people leave comments or doesn’t know how to respond back. She comments on only a select few posts and is spread too thin across all the different platforms.


How to Revise Your Social Media Plan


The beauty of owning your own business is the ability to do what you want. So boss up babe! If you’re posting random photos on Instagram and get a few likes here and there, is it really worth your time? If you post an article once a month on LinkedIn but have an inbox filled with unanswered invitations to network, should you continue to use this platform?


First, determine where your tribe hangs out and learn how to master that platform.


If you’re wanting to attract professional clients, then LinkedIn might be your place. If you’re looking for other bizbabes, check out Facebook. Can’t fit your thoughts into 144 characters? Then drop Twitter instead of stressing about it.


Second, remember to be social.


Like we mentioned last week, you’re a multidimensional babe— your brand should be too! You’re so much more than your business, so show that to your followers!!


Yes, still share about your business because that’s your passion and a part of your life but share about your other passions too! Be inspiring and relatable! Trips and travels; favorite hobbies; favorite sports teams; favorite movies or television shows. Let your tribe get to know YOU, not just the business you.


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Bri Long