Why You're Not Getting The Results You Want!

Are you getting the results you're craving? Do you ever feel like you're working REALLY hard but not sure why it seems like it's just not "working" or paying off? 

Don't worry, you're not alone-- and it doesn't have to always be that way!

There may be  a few little things you're that blocking you + keeping you from the success you deserve! 

We've created a list of some of the most common things that could be holding you back! As you look over these, take assessment of if they apply to you!


  1. You are focusing on the wrong things or tasks. Sometimes, the thought of success and doing a lot of things for your business can get you to miss on seeing the real picture such as what your business actually needs.

  2. Your projects’ aims or goals are not clear.  What does your business actually need? What do you want to see it do for your business? Set your goals straight.

  3. You think about yourself and what multiple projects can do for you compared to what it can do for your business. Come on, everything is not about you, and although being busy, and working on a lot may make you look good, ultimately chances are none of the projects will be done throughly because your attention is too divided!

  4. You overload yourself with too much information. Pick out and use only the vital information, otherwise you will end up confused and unable to complete your tasks at all because you're lost in overwhelm.

  5. Distractions can get the best of you. This means that having a lot of things on your mind can keep you from focusing on your goals. And take note, distractions are not just about other tasks that you have in mind, distractions also include friends, partying too hard and too often and those times that you spend lollygagging during office hours.

  6. Disorganized/ dysfunctional (or even a lack of a) system. Being organized helps cut out wasted time and frustration searching for what you need. And part of being organized includes having working systems and strategies in place!

  7. You get affected by too much negativity from yourself and other people around you. Obviously, if you let yourself be taken over by all those negative comments such as: you are not good enough, or that it has to be perfect or you'll be judged, etc. can lead to procrastination. And it's vital to have the right energy and passion about your work, because energy transfers!

  8. Too much multitasking. If you are taking in and doing too many things, you will find yourself being pulled away from your actual goals.

  9. You are too afraid to fail, that’s why you think of several strategies to succeed. But in reality, instead of being led to one major achievement, you end up being a major collector of failed projects and tasks. 

  10. Lack of commitment and hustle. If you're not putting in the work...

How did ya stack up? Do any of these apply to you? If so, don't worry! It doesn't have to be that way! Join us in the MEMBERS ONLY Hangout where we will be sharing + breaking down 30 Ways To Get More Shit Done!


Bri Long