Writing Your New Story


The stories that we speak about ourselves carry a lot of power.

Whether we scream them off the top of our lungs for the whole world to hear, or whether we only ever recite them quietly in our minds, never doubt how powerful they are.

And although we talked a lot in previous posts about falling in love with your journey as a beautiful part of what made you the incredible woman that you are today, it does not need to in any way define your future. Make no mistake that although it may serve your future, it does not define your future.

That’s the beauty of falling in love with your journey and feeling gratitude for your old story. It gives you the opportunity and the power to write a whole new story. One that your heart and soul will thank you for.

Your new story can be anything that you want it to be. Anything at all. And when you write your new story, do so with no limits, no fears and no expectations. Simply speak the words from your heart to describe the life your soul most craves.

So, if it makes your soul buzz with excitement I want you to write it. Even if sounds silly and even if it sounds far fetched. I want you to write it.  

I want you to write:

  • Everything that you have

  • Everything that you do

  • Everything that you see, hear and smell around you

  • Everything that you experience and everything that you feel


Leave no stone unturned.

This is your chance. This is your time. Put pen to paper and start visualizing and setting your powerful intentions for the life you’ve been craving all along.

Need some help with this? We got you!

Join us live in the MEMBERS ONLY HANGOUT, where we will go in depth on how you can begin to create your new story. I’m going to be sharing some powerful tips and techniques that will help you tap into your heart's true essence and your soul's highest intention, so that you can finally start creating a life that your heart and soul will thank you for.  


Massive love + light.


Bri Long