Your brand is so much more than a logo or colors!!Your brand is your VIBE, it who you tells your clients who you are. It needs to be effective and as close as possible to who you really are.  The best part of this is realizing that “Being Your Brand” is just as easy as being yourself!

Let's also take a second to talk about the power of killer consistency! If there's one thing we know, it's that confused customers do not buy! Your tribe needs to feel confident that they know who you are, what you're all about, and that they can more than trust you! At the end of the day your customers are buying more than your products or services… they are also buying YOU!

One way to infuse your branding into everything you do in a consistent way is to start by making a list of 3 words that best represent your brand.  (Try to stay away from common words like “awesome” and “great”. ) You are unique and so is your brand, dig deep to find those words that set your brand apart from the awesome’s and the great’s. (If you're struggling or feeling stuck finding your three words, why not have a little fun with it?! Ask your tribe via social media what three words some to mind when they think of you!)

Once you've got your three words--memorize them!Keep them in mind whenever you do anything related to your business! From your business cards to your Facebook posts, to your emails-- make sure you're incorporating more than just your visual branding! Be sure everything aligns with your three words!

If you do this effectively, and consistently your tribe will soon start recognizing your presence and posts be hooked! You will also start to attract new members to your tribe in powerful ways! [To keep them hooked, blow their minds with killer, helpful, actionable content!]

It's important to infuse your branding into EVERY aspect of your business! By doing this you level up in a major way & make your brand much more powerful as well as professional!

One example of this comes from my personal experience! When I started my photography business my logo and branding colors were mint green. I had that logo and those colors infused into EVERY aspect of my business! I even wore a mint green shirt to client consultations and carried a mint green bag, and used mint green packaging, etc! It may sound a little much, but it was EFFECTIVE! (& and that's the point!) I knew it was effective because soon my clients, & even some potential clients soon began to buy me things that were mint green! This meant that just when they saw the color they thought of me in such a powerful way they purchased the item for me! But beyond the visual aspects, I also made personalized customer experience a huge part of my brand! This kept my clients coming back, and recommending me to their friends!

I've created a printable checklist for you to download and use to make sure you're infusing your branding into all aspects of your business!

(Some of these may seem too minor or insignificant, or even a little silly... But trust me-- consistency is effective!)

After using this checklist you'll have a grasp on how to create your branding game plan! Make sure what you are doing from this point forward aligns with what you’ve defined as your brand. If it does not align, refine it. Then, look at the areas you have room to improve, make improvements, and keep sharing your brand.

Don’t expect everything to fall into place overnight!It’s a process, but now you have a  BRAND STRATEGY you can refer back to often for your brand’s effectiveness!

You may have a few areas where you need guidance, and that’s ok! Try just working on them one at a time!

what are some of your favorite ways to be your brand?!