You've Started Growing Your Email List-- Now what?!

A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of having + growing your email list-- but now what?!

It's time to start connecting! Email newsletters are one of the best ways to connect with your tribe! Sending newsletters on a regular basis helps you to establish connection + engagement. And if your tribe loves your newsletters, they are likely to mention it to their friends, families, etc. so you see how newsletters can be a valuable marketing tool! It can help your number of subscribers grow in numbers in a short time!

The goal is to be creating and sending irresistible content to your tribe!

Here are two things you need to remember to make your newsletter #obsession worthy!


Getting Permission

Getting permission is the first step in making a successful newsletter campaign, and you can do this by asking people for their email addresses.

When people give you their email addresses, they are already giving you permission to send them your newsletters. Don't disappoint them – be sure to show up in their inbox with newsletters that have the content they are craving!


Create Iressistible Content

So you've got their permission-- now what the hell do you send?!

Obviously, your newsletter needs relevant and useful for your tribe. We all receive tons of emails nowadays, and let's #keepitreal-- we don’t have time to read all of them. Make sure your newsletter is too amazing to ignore!

Not exactly sure what your tribe will find #obsession worthy? Here are some ways to find out!


Ask them!

One is by asking them about it whenever they sign up through a checklist. Provide a checklist in the sign up page with a lot of choices. For example, you can make a “what interests you?” box with a couple of choices like arts, tips, events, and so on. Here, they get to tick the boxes of the things that interest them, which serve as your basis for sending them the things that they want.


Case study your tribe [Its not stalking if it's for business purposes 😂]!

What are they looking at on social media? What type of posts do they interact and engage with the most?


Write Interesting Subject Lines

Do away with the boring subject lines for your newsletters. [The subject lines refer to the titles that appear on their list of emails received. ]

If your subject line does not interest them, then you may find your newsletters deleted without being read.

When writing subject lines, you have to make sure that they sound interesting.

Also, keep your subject lines short. The subject line is supposed to tell your subscribers what the newsletter is about without giving away too much information. Use a lot of adjectives and adverbs if possible, as this these easily catches a reader’s attention.

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Do your homework!

Before you even get to write your newsletter, make sure that you’ve done your research. Remember that nobody loves a half-baked potato – that is nobody wants to read a newsletter that isn’t well-written and well thought of. In order to help make your research easier, you should have planned about the format and layout of your newsletter.


Get To The Point

Avoid any "extra junk" in your newsletters. Don’t start by telling your subscribers something that they already know. Go straight to the point and drive home towards the topic. You can, of course, play with words and get a little creative with your phrases and sentences to spice up your newsletter, but be sure to stay focused and on track.


Make it Pretty (+ PROOFREAD!)

Proofread your newsletter. Make sure that every detail is thoroughly covered, from spelling, grammar and even punctuation.


These are some of the things you should keep in mind when creating your newsletters. Remember that your newsletters reflect what you can give your tribe, and if you don’t give them something good, then chances are you won’t have any subscribers left to send your newsletters to in the future. #Justsayin

Creating irresistible newsletters is important, but if you really want to take your business to the next level you can #worksmarternotharder by monetizing your newsletters as well!

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Bri Long