How To Film YouTube Videos Like A Boss!

When I first started YouTube I had absolutely, positively no idea what I was doing.

Luckily for me creating a YouTube channel wasn’t such a production back then, but now it’s a different story. I have been receiving quite a few emails lately with simple questions about lighting and filming set up so I figured why not share the goods with my Trendsetters babes.

  1. Find a quiet space away from distractions // This will not only help with your audio, but it will also keep you on task! Nothing ruins a video like being mid sentence and losing your train of thought due to someone walking through the room or a loud background noise.

  2. Make sure your space is well lit // This can be with artificial or natural lighting, but I personally prefer natural lighting and highly suggest it.

  3. Organize your thoughts // This is something that has helped me tremendously over the years. If you have a video that you are wanting to execute but feel a little overwhelmed about, take notes & dump your thoughts on paper. This will help you when you film the video effortlessly AND save you time in the long run!

  4. Stage your setup // It may sound silly, but put a stuffed animal or place holder where you will be sitting and check your video frame. Do you like the background? How is the lighting? Does it look pleasing to the eye? This will help you see the video setup from a viewers point of view and make your videos not only look good but you’ll feel better about the quality of them as well!

  5. Take multiple takes // Nothing is more frustrating than getting to edit your video & realizing you don’t like the footage. One of the biggest things I learned in college while taking my mass media courses is it’s always better to have more footage than not enough. Take your time and film your video or sections of your video multiple times so you have more footage to choose from in the end.


...and that’s it! Now you’re ready to be the next YouTube star!

Juuuuust kidding. There is so much more to cover, so why not join me in members only area this evening as I go through the final 5 tips to filming a YouTube video like a boss! See ya there ;)