Summer Sexy 7! // Miranda Teston // Fitness + Lifestyle Game Changer

Hey Gorgeous,

Summer is in full swing and you should be tanning (or spray tanning) what your mama gave you! But you’re still reluctant to drop that coverup and sport that sexy 2 piece…

How do I know? Girlfriend please, I remember being a t-shirt swimmer after I had my babies and thinking that I had donated my body to the cause of motherhood, never to be deemed bikini worth again. So yeah, I get it because I lived it!

Now that we’re legitimately on the same page, how do we start writing a new chapter… Oh oh wait!! What about a new game plan!!! Like an A-Game Plan!! Nothing to it but to do it and don’t worry, I’ve got you Boo!

So let’s get this Fit & Fine journey started #Trendsetters!! Here are my Top 7 Sexy Summer Tips.

  1. Drink your water Boo!! Listen, wake up squeeze some lemon in that junk and chug! That’s right, chugging is no longer for wild parties & late nights. So CHUG CHUG baby!!

  2. It’s summer & that means it’s time to get fresh!! But not like we use to get in trouble for. Go to the fresh farmer’s markets and try some of the local produce! Fresh fruits are a great sweet fix and green veggies are an AWESOME source of fiber! Not to mention that both are CLEAN carbs and have various health benefits.

  3. Hey Honey!! Local raw honey is where it’s at. I can’t stress this enough. Add a teaspoon to your morning lemon water or just eat a spoonful of the dang stuff like I do to curve sweet cravings. The benefits are a total game changer!

  4. Be a Prep!! Prep your food in bulk or go ahead and put it into Prep Containers like these! Mornings tend to fly by in a blur at my house, so having my meals prepped and ready to grab on the way out truly makes life so much easier & I’m waaaay less likely to make a bad nutritional decisions when I’m prepared and have my meal with me.

    *You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, or easy.” (But prepped

meals really are easy, shhh that’s our secret though.)

  1. Get it tight and get it right! Schedule time to workout & MAKE IT HAPPEN!! This is soooooo important! Your body releases endorphins, you sleep better, digestion improves, not to mention your working towards that tight & toned physique!

  2. Walk/run it out! Listen, I live in southeast Georgia, ladies it’s like one hundred-and-hot degrees here every day… But after supper, or after a workout other than legs or glutes, get a 20-30 minute walk/jog in. Need some motivation? Download the Zombies, Run app. It completely creeps me out and makes me run way faster.

  3. Sleep. Every beauty needs her beast. SIKE! Every beauty needs her rest! All beauties are different but generally speaking, we all need 7 to 8 hours of beauty rest a night.

Ok, #trendsetters, these are the Sexy Summer 7! No excuses, just get it done!

Drop a comment below and let me know what you love most & what you do to get it slim & trim for summer!

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