5 Secrets To A Killer Youtube Channel

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The first thing I tell people is to make sure they are A) starting a YouTube channel for the right reasons and B) make sure you 100000% yourself. These are key because if you are starting a YouTube channel for money and free items from brands, you may achieve that goal, but it will blow up in your face faster than you can celebrate. You will gain subscribers and followers and not only will they be able to see right through you, but you won’t be able to sustain that type of online personality for a long YouTube career. This ties into being yourself, because not only will your subscribers appreciate this, but you will also find benefits of this when it comes to creating content you love, standing behind your work, and dealing with hate that you may get while putting yourself out there on the internet. Now that we got the key things out of the way, lets dig in to the quick tips!



  1. Create a YouTube name you can grow with. These days most people just go by their name, but make sure it is something that not only sounds good, but is timeless as well. I personally went from TheGlitterTattoo *cringes* to Alexa Re’ and now to Alexa Re’ Garcia. If you decide a great name from the get go, it will save you a lot of tricky rebranding in the future.

  2. Start basic. I know the key online is to stand out, but starting with cult favorites like What’s in My Bag, My Current Favorites, & TAG videos will not only get better search results, but they will also give your audience a sense of your personality. Obviously cater this tip to your channel’s focus topic, but you get the idea ;)

  3. Be consistent. This is a huge one. Think about your favorite TV show. You know what day and time it comes on. Lets say you snuggle up with your favorite blanket and a glass of wine ready to watch and a dang infomercial is on instead. You wouldn’t be very pleased. Your channel is the same way. You may not have to have it down to an exact time, but letting your subscribers know a day or how many videos to expect a week will obtain loyalty and trust. This will not only interest them, but it will keep them coming back for more!

  4. Make quality content. Not only do you want to make content that is great to watch, but you want to make sure it is quality content. This can be taken as great lighting & quality in reference to the camera you are using, but it also can be taken as content that is well thought you. I always tell people to make sure you actually ENJOY making videos before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on equipment. Heck, I still use my iPhone 6S Plus camera to vlog on my own channel. If you are creating videos you love, that will truly shine through to your subscribers & make you 10x more likable than a perfectly HD’d video that is flat and lacking personality.

  5. Have Fun! I feel like this quickly gets forgotten, and it is truly something that can make you stand out. I swear that sometimes having a YouTube channel is like living in a glass house, and people can tell if you aren’t genuinely having fun. If it is TRULY something you enjoy, it will show & you’ll have a very rewarding experience with YouTube. Don’t get caught up in all the lights, camera, action that you forget to have fun!