6 Figure Strategies To Set Your Team Up For Success

How I get my Team members started off right!

I send out a welcome email as soon as they sign up!

✨Have them read the Welcome email

✨Walk them through making their first post!

So you can start by posting your first post! Something like "I'm so excited I started with itworks! And put why you started! To make extra money, to buy my kids what they want and need, etc!"

Make it personal and relating to what other moms want and need! And I'll send you a couple posts a day to get you started as well! 💖


✨I also send a Few posts to get them through the day! (this is one of the biggest things that has helped my newbies TONS!)

When people start, they have no idea what to do or what to post, so tell them! Lay it all out for them!!


✨I then Add them to my Team Group and shout them out and I also do a welcome shout out of my personal page as well!


✨In my welcome email- include training videos that help get them started so I have them watch them and come to me with any questions!


✨I send them my scripts for them to use to get started for basic questions - what do you do? What are the products and what do they do? Etc


✨I usually FaceTime them or do a Zoom with them just to talk & make things easier! And get to know each other!


And I also have a newbie to Ruby training packet that I've made for new people! ❤️


Team website

This is what my team website area looks like! You'll see it's password locked so it's accessible only for my team!

Once they enter their password, it brings them to this!

From there, they can click the link boxes to access the specific info they need!


Team group- thread with sample messages, sample follow ups, best training videos

Team posting group-This is a group full of sample posts!


How to get to know your team

-personality tests like the color test! So we both know how they learn; how they talk to people, etc

Color Personality Test

16 personalities test

How I do team calls

Ask them what they want to learn more about or what they're struggling with

--Set my outline about that

  • Tribe Tuesday zooms
  • Newbie zooms
  • Launch parties
  • Monthly leadership meetings
  • Online parties/opportunities
  • In person meetings
  • Goals for the month
  • How enrollments were last month
  • Changing what's not working
  • Strategy for the month
  • Strategy calls

SetMore site where they can set up calls with me

Bri Long