6 Small, Low-Effort Changes That Make A Big Difference


  1. Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream

    1. Generally has greater nutrients and less fat

    2. Greek yogurt generally is higher in protein and vitamin B-12

    3. Greek yogurt contains probiotics that help your gut health and can improve digestion

  2. Infused Water instead of fruit juice

    1. Infused water often has better taste!

      1. Bright and tangy taste due to deriving flavor from fruit rind

    2. It’s prettier!

      1. Having something that’s colorful, healthy, and looks pretty can make us more likely to want to drink it

    3. Less calories!

      1. Fruit juice tends to be packed with calories and natural sugars.  Not infused water! :)

  3. Avocado in place of mayo

    1. Avocado is natural and fresh, while mayo can be packed with not-so-healthy preservatives to extend shelf-life

    2. Mayo generally has little nutritional value, while avocado is packed with nutrients!

    3. Avocado is lower in “bad fat” than mayo

    4. Less calories than mayo!

  4. Spaghetti squash or zoodles in place of pasta

    1. Less calories

    2. Less carbs

      1. I’m not promoting no carbs but if you need to cut back carbs this is a good way

    3. Quicker to prepare!

      1. Regular pasta tastes like 12  minutes to cook (after waiting for the water to boil)

      2. Zoodles cook in 3 just in a little skillet!

  5. Dark chocolate in place of milk chocolate

    1. Dark chocolate is usually lower carb

    2. Less sugar

    3. Benefits of chocolate come from the cocoa.  Dark chocolate contains more cocoa so is generally healthier.

    4. More magnesium! - which can have a calming effect on your body

    5. More caffeine! (I’ll let you decide whether or not that’s a benefit  LOL)

  6. Cauliflower in place of flour

    1. Cauliflower pizza crust

      1. Cauliflower is higher in fiber and B-vitamins

      2. Contains anti-oxidants that can protect against cancer

      3. Can aid in digestion due to high fiber and water content

I want you to know that getting healthier doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive, or time consuming.  You can make simple little swap-outs like the 6 we talked about today to be on track to a healthier you with little additional effort on your part.  

Bri Long