• No setting unachievable goals

  • Small steps/one new habit at a time until that one is in place

  • Celebrate success both personally and with others.

  • Take a look at habits and what hasn’t worked so you can figure out a new strategy for what does.

  • Write your strategy down and carry it with you – use an app if necessary. Technology works wonders toward achieving goals.

  • Make a decision, if it doesn’t work simply make a new one – don’t beat yourself up.

  • Always be in action and in momentum don’t sit in analyzing for too long. Keep moving.

  • Delegate.

  • Learn how to say no.

  • Kick procrastination to the curb. Reward yourself for every goal achieved no matter how small, especially for the small ones.

  • Write it all down, put it away and revisit it – you’d be surprised at how much you achieved.

  • Write it all down and the steps you will take to achieve each new habit.

Bri Long