How I Maxed Out My FB Friends + Grew My Instagram to 13k+ Followers

PASSWORD: 2.17.crissa

1. Share photos that people can connect and relate to. Can everyone relate to a #selfie? YES. Can everyone relate to a picture saying "join my team or buy my stuff"? Probably not. You need to keep posting personal, unique, original photos. Of you. Of your life. Of things you love. Posting these types of photos will help you establish a connection with your tribe [followers], which is the best way to attract more people. In short, don't be a robot, be YOU.😊


2. Timing in your posts. Think about yourself + your tribe here. When do you typically get on Instagram or facebook? First thing in the morning? during lunch? on the way home from work or school? before bed? weekends? That’s when you need to be posting so that your tribe is seeing them! Brainstorm your day!




3. Hashtags. I am not a #hashtag genius, but I do know a thing or two. If you are using popular/trending hashtags, people will see your photos and are more likely to follow you. You can search on Google or Webstagram to find popular hashtags. Think about yourself again. When I use hashtags, I think of hashtags that I would use on my personal photos. For example, #newlyweds. I know that other newlyweds might use that hashtag, so I could potentially get new followers who are also newlyweds. Same with #twins, #newpuppy, #collegelife, #atlantabraves, #makeup, #soccermom, #etc.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on your post, but to prevent yourself from looking spammy, you can post them in the 1st comment of your post! Even using 5 line spaces with periods like this hides your comment:






Then type your hashtags! [I do this in the notes of my phone and just copy and paste them into the comment!

PS. If your profile/post is not PUBLIC, no one will see your hashtags.


4. Follow Others. If you want people to follow you, then you're going to have to follow them. This is where the magic happens. Think about yourself; if someone follows you, what do you do? You go to their profile to see who they are! Now think about if you follow someone. They see you followed them, they go to your profile, and then they are interested and they follow YOU!



Now the hard part... who am I supposed to follow? Dig deep and think about your target market [tribe]. With me for instance, mine are people along the lines of new moms, people who are trying to get into shape, people who are into fitness, girls out of high school, college students, etc. Who do you think those people will follow on Instagram? Fitness Accounts? Mommy Bloggers? Weight loss Tips? Colleges? Well yes!! You can search these things and follow your tribe that way!

For example, I can search for a mommy blogger who uses instagram on google and then go to her Instagram account. All of her followers have things in common with this mommy blogger, so I follow them. You can also dig a little deeper. What do you think these people spend their money on? Baby clothes? Shoes? Cute clothes? Swimsuits? Fitness Apparel? You can also search those too. If they are following those accounts on Instagram, they are probably buying. Which means they have money, and they will totally buy from you too.❤️


4½. Friend Others on Facebook. Go to your friends, go to the "people you will know" section. Add some ladies who you have mutual friends with, because then they will see your posts and eventually ask you about it! Another way is to go to one of your friend's page, go to their friends, and add some ladies who you have several mutual friends with. It's that simple! If they ask who you are, just compliment them and ask where they got something? ic. a scarf or makeup, etc!


5. Ask questions in captions. If you ask a question, what do people do❓❔⁉️ Answer them. PERFECT way to get more interaction on your page. I have noticed that if you say to leave your phone number or email below, people totally will do that before they text you.


6. Interact with others. 📲Be personal!! Go through your news feed and like/comment on others' photos. They will do the same to you! If people like/comment on your photos, do the same! Treat others the way that you would like to be treated. I’ll be sharing more on this coming up next!!!