How To Get Motivated + Stay That Way!

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  1. Find your “Why”

    1. Why do you want to be healthy?

    2. Who can benefit from you being healthy?

      1. Think

        1. Having more time/energy for your loved ones

        2. Having more time/energy to give back to your community

        3. Yourself! Feeling better because you have more energy and better mood from working out.



        C. Why do you deserve to work out?


-As women, can be common for us to put so many others before ourselves  (career, family)... we deserve care, too!


  2.   Commit to 10 minutes


    -Does the thought of a 45-minute workout seem absolutely impossible to you?

-Try just 10 minutes!  PopSugar Fitness on YouTube has playlists broken down by length, so you can pick a 10 minute workout and do that!

-You can either increase time gradually or maybe do several, short 10 minute workouts throughout your day.


3.  Get an accountability partner!


    - I don’t have scientific evidence to back this up but it seems like we’re more common to stick to our goals when we have a buddy because we don’t want to let them down by not showing up!

    -Having a buddy can also be more fun, too!


4.  Be Prepared!


    -Set yourself up for success by being prepared

    -If you know you’re likely to just crash on the couch, prep a gym bag the night before.

    -If you’re avoiding your at-home video workout because you just can’t stop    binge-watching Bravo, set a timer and allow yourself to watch an episode, but after it’s over, commit to getting fit when that alarm buzzes.

    -Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you!

    Bossbabe Fitness offers a free community where you can connect with women who are on the same mission to live a healthy lifestyle, and if you’re watching this video and could benefit from that type of support group, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the group.

    You can plug into the group for tips and tricks, to post your workout selfies, share recipes, and rely on us to support you through things that are not 100% fitness that may keep you from reaching your health goals (like relationships and work stress!)



5.  Last, develop a mantra!


    -Develop a mantra that you can say to yourself when you’re not feeling motivated that can spark a fire in your belly!

    -Maybe have a line or a poem:


            Do it now, because sometimes “later” becomes “never.”

            I deserve to take care of my body (can also insert a reason here like be better at work, for your family, etc)


    In line with the mantra… you could also have a go-to motivational video or song!

    I personally love Uptown Funk! Any time I’m at the gym and just not in the mood to start (which is most days during the week because my body is stressed from work by the time I get there)... I blast that song because it’s like impossible not to have fun when you listen to it!


The next time you’re not feeling motivated to work out, apply these 5 tips!