It's All In The List!

Building an email mailing list is done much the way you do a grocery list…one item, in this case subscribers, at a time.When you build a list, you grow the list every time you add a new subscriber to the list.Usually, when a subscriber wants to sign up for your mailing list, they furnish you with their email.They give you specified contact information for your list, which can include name, email, location, DOB, etc.In return, you give them certain information, a special offer, or a free gift from you.Sound easy? It can be, but the key is to know how to go about doing it.


The process of list building isn’t a new one.  It’s been around for a long time.  You used to fill out your name, address, and phone number on sheets of paper at places like trade shows and seminars.  You would receive mailings throughout the year from these companies.  Today, some people still prefer offline list building.  If you do, that’s fine.  You can also, however, do it online by using your website, blog, or video posts.  A combination of offline and online techniques can be a powerful combination.  There are a lot of different ways you can increase how rapidly your list grows and the size your mailing list ends up being.

If you’re a new biz owner, you’re wondering how long it takes.   It all depends on you.  It depends on the methods you use and the effort you put into building the list.  Once you start building the list, however, you never stop.  You’ll always have new people who hear about you and want to know what all you have to offer.  Every time you do, you add them to your list and your list continues to grow. 


You’ll also have people from time to time that will unsubscribe from your list.  If you don’t have new contacts to take their place, your business can’t grow.  That’s why it is important for you to continue your efforts of list building throughout the operation of your business. Many times people go after list build aggressively during the early stages of their business and then kind of forget about it.  It’s important to the success of your business that your list continues to grow.   


Now that you know what list building is.  What’s next?  Before you begin to use any of the tips, there are a few other things you should think about:


Who your tribe is—When you begin to prepare your list, you need to know what kind of people you are targeting.  If you do, you won’t be wasting your time sending emails to people who have no interest whatsoever in your business or what you have to offer.  A targeted group helps you focus on those people you can easier convert to customers to keep on your mailing list. 


You want to keep them informed of what’s going on with your business, any sales or promotions you’re offering, or industry news.  It doesn’t matter how large your list is if you’re wasting your time sending your information to people who don’t care about it.  Having a large list isn’t as effective as having a smaller quality list.  By knowing who you’re targeting and using techniques to reach those people, you can build a quality list of email subscribers.


Whether or not you want to, you need to allow people to “unsubscribe”—Realize, that if people do this, they aren’t doing it to hurt you.  It doesn’t mean they don’t like you or your business anymore.  It simply means they no longer want to receive emails.


People may be really interested in what you have to offer.  You meet their needs and make the sell.  Then, their needs are met and they have no interest in receiving emails from you.  Giving them the chance to unsubscribe from your email list allows them to remove themselves, and keeps your email campaigns focused on those who are interested.


You want to have permission to send them your emails—Don’t send emails to people without their permission.  You list should be something they sign up for.  If you send unsolicited emails, they will mark you as spam, and never receive the information. Remember, the people you’re sending them too are busy too.  Sometimes you open your inbox to so many advertisements and newsletters that it can be overwhelming. If they don’t want to receive your email, you may not only not get their business, you may hurt any future dealings with the person.


You have to market to subscribers—You need to learn how to market what you have to your subscribers while simultaneously continuing to build your list.  You can’t just keep trying to grow the list and forget about those you have.  You want to keep those you have, so you need to market to them as well.  One of the best ways to build your subscriber list is to give your subscribers valuable information on a regular basis.  If you do this while you’re trying to get new users, it will make it easier to get the new ones. 


You might find out that building the list is actually the easy part.  Getting the most out of your subscribers can take a bit more effort.  It all starts, however, with building the list.  You have to gather people’s contact information so you will have the ability to communicate with them from that time forward. 

Bri Long