Post photos of you using/doing something in your business! People are drawn to faces, your face! They are interested to see if you use/do whatever you do so they can trust you enough to buy something from you. Then you can simply SHARE your testimony with them and what the products specifically do for you.

Be genuine. Your friends can tell that something is not a genuine post from you. Be you. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing and be who everyone else is being!



Post attractive and fashionable photos.  People won't feel like they are being targeted to 'sold to.'  It may very well attract their eye enough to read and like/comment on it! If people stop scrolling to read your post, you will move higher up in their the algorithm because they have shown interest in you.  Be sure to use high quality, bright photos.  They should not be blurry, overly busy, or too dark.

Post a variety of posts.  You are sharing your adventure + ;ofe!!  Post about your family, your food, inspirations, fun, friendships, fashion, decor, products, selfies, etc.  You must have a variety so that when someone goes into your profile, they see that you are not just engaging with people for a sale, because you shouldn't be! Build relationships!! Be genuine in the interests of other people, and it will pay off in the long run!