Hey girl hey!

Incase ya missed it— we kinda did a “thing” last week… we officially launched the #trendsetters podcast!

And ya may be wondering...what’s with the all of the big hype over podcasts all about anyway?

Here’s the deal, podcasting is a powerful, inexpensive and easy new platform for sharing your message with and expanding your tribe.  Adding a podcast as another way to share your content will help you become a recognized authority in your niche!

Podcasting is a killer way to boost your credibility, build your list of customers and grow your tribe of fans very quickly. It also helps you better serve your tribe by using audio they can listen to when they can not read a blog or watch a video!

Here’s 4 reasons you should consider starting your own podcast:

1. Become The “Go-To-Gal” in Your Niche

How would you like to be recognized as an authority  in your area of interest or expertise? Podcasts are popping up all over the internet on every imaginable subject.

But things are just getting started! If your brand is authentic and multidimensional- you will create your own “lane” within your niche.

You will quickly be recognized as an “expert” in your industry. This is a powerful way to build a following or strong customer base.

Think about when you hear or see someone on the radio or TV. They have instant credibility. As a podcaster you will gain the same credibility! People will value and crave your opinion.

You can leverage this position to influence your audience, promote yourself and even make money. If you have an audience that is interested in a specific niche, there will always be others who want to reach that audience, too. (This is how you find advertisers or sponsors.)

2. Quickly Gain a Very Focused Audience

With the right content, you will gain listeners fast. Not only that, but your audience is potentially worldwide. You can offer quality content to keep in touch with your tribe and keep yourself, your product or your service in the front of their mind.

Podcasting is a great way to cut through the clutter and reach your audience. This is not like the radio where your listener is waiting for something that interests him. She has chosen to listen to your podcast because it interests her.

This makes podcasts a powerhouse for promotion, marketing and growing a focused audience.

3. Podcasting is a Convenient, Automatic and Inexpensive Way to Reach Your Tribe

One reason that podcasting has become so popular is that it's automated. Listeners subscribe to your feed. This means they don’t have to remember to return your site to check for new content. When you post new content, it's automatically downloaded to your listener.

Because listeners subscribe to podcasts, they have chosen to receive your content. They have already shown interest in your message by subscribing. In addition, a podcast does not get lost in SPAM like with e-mail. You can be sure your message is reaching a focused audience.

This means your content automatically reaches your audience without any barriers increasing the efficiency and ease of delivering your message.

Because podcasts are delivered over the initernet, it's a very inexpensive platform to reach your tribe.

4. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Starting a podcast doesn’t require creating a stream of new content like many babes may think!

Instead, consider podcasting a leverage tool. You can take your existing content such as Facebook live videos and turn them into podcasts! You can also create audio versions of existing blog posts!

5. It Can Be Quick + Easy (If you know what you’re doing)

All you need to start your podcast is a computer + internet connection.( Later, you can buy nicer gear if you want. For now you can get started with very little cost!)

All you need to get started is something to say and a desire to say it!

Podcasting is a powerful and easy way to reach a focused audience. Whether for fun or to make money, podcasting allows you to easily reach a focused and loyal audience. You can brand yourself as an expert or celebrity in your niche!

We are so excited to have officially launched the #TRENDSETTERS podcast! If you haven't already, check out our debut episode featuring interview with Nashville recording artist Ashleigh Rogers here!

And if you’re ready to get your voice heard and launch your own podcast, click here to get your hands on our LAUNCH YOUR PODCAST IN 7 DAYS course!