30 Day Glow Up Your Boutique Challenge

30 Day Glow Up Your Boutique Challenge

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Hey Girl!

I see you! Working day in & day out on your boutique, making connections, getting products, packing & shipping them off with love all while running a household, taking care of kids & in some cases also doing a job. I’m so proud of you!

For making it all happen, giving no excuses & getting shit done!

But among-st all the good days, there are days when you struggle to even make ends meet because you missed out on the minuet details when you first started that come back to bite you every now and then because you didn’t get through them; details that can give you HUGE results.

And every time you face an issue, you promise yourself you’ll get to them as soon as you finish the project at hand done or when the weekend kicks in & kids are in bed at night but you never get around doing them.

I know every now and then you wish -

  • you could easily & effortless get things done and tick them off the list without feeling lost or stuck

  • achieve your goals & reach to your tribe while still having fun in the process & not taking any stress but the little things come in your way.

Andddd. . . that’s NOT the place anyone wants to be in.

Especially when there are big dreams & goals to be achieved just like YOURS. Right?

I know you nodding your head because that’s exactly how I felt when I first started.

I had the designs, the website, the big ideas but I forgot to focus on the small details that could get me huge results.

I forgot little things like watermarking my logo on social media posts or checking my links before posting or focusing on my story that I wanted to share that sometimes it all just felt like one busy blob of work that wasn’t fun anymore.

But ever since I sat down, made the changes, added the little things I missed out, it’s been so much easier & fun to play around!

Andddd because I’ve been there, I have something special for you babes. . .

30 Day Glow Up Your Boutique Challenge

30 days of little things that make big difference & give yo big results.

The things you've been procrastinating about or giving yourself excuses as to why they might not be that important - but you know they are. You just haven't got around doing them.

Let's do them together.

In the 30 Day Challenge we will -

  • Talk about setting goals & breaking them down so they don’t overwhelm you; rather motivate & excite you everyday.

  • Refreshing & diggin’ deeper into your “WHY”

  • Identifying what sets you apart from your competitors & how you can show that off

  • Creating a brand that your tribe loves & give them something to talk about

  • Social Media for your Online Boutique

  • Content Creation

  • And so much more.

Save Your Spot NOW if you want to -

  • Stop procrastinating and finally get around doing all the tasks that overwhelm you but while having FUN!

  • Learn how to create action plan to achieve your goals

  • Learn how to create content that makes you the “go-to” girl in your niche/industry

  • Overcoming obstacles that have been keeping you from reaching your goals.

Week By Week Breakdown

Week 1 - Back to the basics

  • Diggin’ into your BIG WHY

  • Setting Goals & Breaking it down into actionable steps

  • Social Media Check

  • Showing Up for your tribe

Week 2 - Your Brand

  • Getting in detail about your tribe & vibe

  • Creating your brand story

  • How to incorporate your brand story into your boutique

Week 3 - Products & Services

  • What sets you apart from your competitors?

  • Understanding your numbers

  • Platform Check

  • Supplier check

  • Revising & creating a compelling product description

  • Outsourcing tasks

Week 4 - Policies / Marketing / Social Media

  • Must have pages on your website

  • Making an inventory of your products

  • Instagram Strategy

  • Influencer marketing

  • Content Creation

And of course weekly Lives, kick ass worksheets & bonuses to glow up your Boutique.

What if instead of procrastinating about everything you’ve got to do in your Boutique, you could -

  • Take 1 day at a time to do the things you missed out on & then never got around doing them again?

  • Learn how to break down each aspect of your boutique, refresh & revise so it’s as new as when you started?

You just need a little direction, motivation & the right tools to get you unstuck.

Are you in & ready to get started?

PS - Regardless of, you own a boutique or wanting to start one but haven’t gotten around doing it, this course is JUST what you need.

Little steps everyday, we do together to help you launch & REVAMP your boutique in style.