Online Boutique Business Plan

Online Boutique Business Plan

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Are you struggling to put everything together?

You know the nitty gitty details you keep forgetting? But are hell-a important for your Online Boutique?

Do you want to stick to a particular budget BUT no matter what you do, you seem to blow it off every time?

We live in the new Information Age.... the age of everything available at our fingertips with a click of a button. .

Everywhere you look you can find blogs, freebies, courses to help you find products, talking about wholesaling, talk about Facebook Ads or Instagram Promos or sourcing products. .

But, do they all fit together??

What Rose is teaching in her freebie about getting started, does it fit with what Leslie is teaching about Social Media marketing? or Does it fit what Jess is talking about when it comes to creating content for your Boutique's blog?

I am a Boutique Coach too and started + seen other people start and run their Online Boutiques. But what keeps coming up/showing up for me is - So many Boutique Owners saying they are not making sales.

There is traffic on their website but no one is buying.

They know but at the same time don't know what to do?!

So what is it that they are missing out? Why are they stuck? There are a few factors but a HUGE one is not having a Business Plan!

Are you thinking WHY do I need a business plan for my boutique?

Let me tell you baby doll!

A Business Plan will help you analyze every aspect of your business and also keep tabs on your progress. Think of it as a personal guide you can use when starting out and for all the times when you feel lost, confused as to what to do next or simply when expanding your business and checking progress. ♥️♥️

Think of Biz Plan as a roadmap to take you from your current location to your final destination (i.e. starting or growing your online boutique). Imagine going from LA to Vegas with no roadmap, no idea which road to take or where to turn when you reach a dead end. You might still be able to make it to Vegas but it’ll be more of an exhausting than fun.

It’s always a good idea to have one when starting out as it gives you an opportunity to -

  • Define your brand, goals, and objectives

  • Analyze and examine every aspect of your boutique

  • Narrow down on your ideal customers

  • Create strategies to get your products in front of your target audience

  • Financial planning

  • Social Media Promotion and more.

Writing a business plan requires time, effort and a lot of analyzing. Therefore this Business Plan comes with a TUTORIAL to walk you through each step and help you understand WHAT to focus on & WHY!

I'm going to walk you through

How to use Business Plan to start/expand your Online Store

With an example of starting a Kids Clothing Boutique under $500.


Not only that --- This Online Boutique Business Plan Template will help you lay down all the information from suppliers to next product launches, content planning and more. 

Get a BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE that you can use to create your own perfect plan!

PS - No matter what the purpose is for writing a business plan - to start a boutique or grow an existing one, it’s important to clearly define your goal on a piece of paper and then go from there.

So what are you waiting for? Grab it now to make your journey fun & exciting instead of anxious and expensive!