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What if we could help you with –

  • Narrowing it down to a profitable niche for your boutique

  • Decide the right platform without blowing your business budget?

  • Identify your ideal customer

  • Source products without investing any capital upfront

  • Brand your boutique

  • Set goals, smash them, clap for yourself and repeat!


Created for babes who want to follow their curiosity and accomplish their dream of starting an Online Boutique.



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You are a rockstar!

A DIY girl, who's always trying to find new ways, learn new things and do it all by yourself, putting more effort, downloading every freebie you find because you have the fire most don’t!

You don’t waste time (because we only got 24hrs in a day, right?)

You are a superwomen taking care of everything (business, kids, and job, husband and house chores).

But no matter how many freebies you download, how many blogs you read, you always get into your own way.

And that’s frustrating and annoying and sometimes overwhelming!

You want to start a business to get away from the daily hustle-bustle and have a business of your own, create beautiful things and feel happy when a customer leaves a positive review!

But most of the time,

If feels like you can barely narrow down to your niche before you start self-doubting yourself thinking if it will work for you or not!

You are struggling with wanting to start your own online boutique, trying to learn the basics, getting overwhelmed with all the free information and eventually shutting it all down because it’s just so confusing.

You know all the right resources, you taking the right steps and yet somehow you keep coming back to square one.

You don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on Facebook Ads or spend time learning more about marketing when you can barely keep up with learning strategies to start your own Boutique!

And you’re tired of starting and re-starting all over again.

Every time you restart, you become more self-conscious of your own decision.

Let me ask you something when was the last time you started a project that was more fun than stress?

How about just strolled on Pinterest for fun? Done that recently?

No searching for boutiques and online businesses, just random, funny meme search?


Working too hard, downloading those re-packaged freebies;

Not sure what or why I’m putting in so much effort and not sure if I can keep up with the whole “I want to own an online boutique” thing.

But there’s good news – It doesn’t have to be like this! If you don’t want it to be!

What if I could help you with –

  • Narrowing it down to a profitable niche for your boutique

  • Decide the right platform without blowing your business budget?

  • Identify your ideal customer

  • Source products without investing any capital upfront

  • Brand your boutique

  • Set goals, smash them, clap for yourself and repeat!


Too Good To Be True?


We all love the idea of having a boutique, creating pretty things, spending less time on phone and more time with family while the systems work for you and not by you.


But does that feel like a dream too good to be true?

I’m here to tell you it isn’t!


Here’s the deal –

It’s very much possible, but the only catch is you’ve got to put in a little work up front.

You cannot reap and enjoy a juicy fruit unless you sow a seed.

If you don’t do the groundwork ahead of time, the automated systems running your boutique, the sales coming in, the goal smashing, all remain just a dream.


This is where most boutiques fail….

You are trying so hard to set things up, finding a theme, sourcing products and developing an idea that you forget to set up the foundation for your boutique, validate your idea and be sure that your customers are going to be as excited about the product as you are.

It’s a vicious cycle

You know you should

Be researching more
(but why I should when I like an idea?)

Branding your boutique but not just getting stuck there

Setting up store
(but how you can when you barely keep the work-life balance)

It’s easy to lose sight and excitement when you are always stressed and procrastinating.


Let’s be real for a second girl –

How can you excite your customers about your boutique when you don’t feel excited about it anymore?

How can you be sure that your customers will love your products when you not so sure about them yourself?

But you know what this is why I’m here for YOU!

I just want to tell you that I’ve got you.






Created for Babes who want to follow their curiosity and accomplish their dreams.

The tried & tested strategies that will help you launch and run a profitable Online Boutique.




10 modules with actionable steps you can use to kick-start set up and launch your online boutique while having fun and being excited again.

I know you probably thinking, that’s even possible?

Let me tell you It Is!

Here’s how –

Having a step by step system and checklist to tick things off, keep you on track while making the process fun and easy is the core of B.Y.O.B.

This is the exact process I used to start my own boutique and also help my clients do the same for them!

This is not a One Size Fit All Course

It’s custom made to help YOU create a Boutique that fits your wants, needs, and desires.

I want you to hear it from the babes I’ve worked with!

I wanted to open my online store and understand what steps I needed to take for finishing it. I now understand the online store setup better and have done every setup of the store by myself. The information given was very good and explained in detail.
- Jessica Tweeboom

Bri has done a tremendous job working side by side with us at Hipsway. She came in with a consulting plan and executed it fully. She laid out a marketing and design plan and assisted us in implementing it, from completely re-designing our website to incorporating functionality into our Online Business. She is a pleasure to work with and we would without a doubt hire her to do it again"
- Tollie Lancaster, Hipsway


Are you ready for results like these?

Are you ready to launch your online boutique?

Everything is broken down into modules, and actionable steps.

So that you don’t spend time procrastinating but rather doing what’s important.


Let’s look at how it’s broken down -

The course is divided into 2 parts –

Part 1 – Building a foundation

This part is divided into 5 modules to help you build a base for your online boutique.

  • Goal Setting

-  Why it’s important to set goals before getting started.

- How to set goals with deadlines followed by easy actionable steps to avoid dabbling around

- 7 question mini goal setting assignment

  • Determining your passion

- If you’ve started your boutique but lost passion and excitement because it just became confusing and overwhelming and not worth the effort you were putting in, this module will help you get that passion and fire back!

- Differentiating what you really want vs. shiny object syndrome

- Getting energetically aligned with your WHY

  • Identifying your niche

- Exploring ideas to start an online boutique

- Finding niche and validating your idea

- Shortlisting to 1 niche or product type for your boutique

  • Identifying your ideal customer

- Why it’s important to know who your ideal client is

- How to identify your ideal client

- How to use the information to start, launch and grow your boutique

  • Branding

- WTH is branding?

- Why it’s important

- How to brand your boutique


Part 2 – Setting up an online boutique

In this part, we are going to discuss and walk through the steps of setting up and launching your online boutique.

  • Choosing the right platform

- Platforms can be confusing; differentiating between different types

- Why it’s important to choose the right platform

- How to choose one for your online boutique + Bonus Quiz

  • Sourcing Inventory

- Different ways to source inventory

- Understanding the concept of running a boutique without holding inventory

- How to find suppliers to source products for your boutique without paying any upfront cost

  • Setting up Store

- Walking you through the steps of setting up your store

- Setting up business policies

- Setting up shipping policies

- Adding products to your boutique

  • Almost at the finish line

- Social Media Marketing

- Promoting your store

  • Biz Registration

- Get all your business registration ducks in a row


Accomplish Your Goals & Enjoy What You Do.

I’m not going to lie to you.

It’s going to take time to go through the strategies, implement and put all the knowledge into action.

But if you are willing to work hard, then it’ll be worth the effort.

You can stop being worried about –

  • Having to start a boutique or a business only to leave in midway because you stopped feeling excited about it or because became all work and no play.

  • Working hard on your full time or part time job and coming home to stress of researching and setting things up and doing everything all by yourself


Rather get excited about –

  • Doing what you’ve always dreamt of doing (i.e. opening your online boutique)

  • Building a foundation so the excitement never fades away

  • Having systems set up in place that works for you and not by you

  • Realizing that everything can run smoothly and not have to worry about losing your mind with constant worry


If sold individually, this program would total to be over $2200.


I am PASSIONATE about helping babes who really want to turn their dreams into a reality by starting their own Online Boutique!

Therefore make this course not only accessible but also a total Bargain for you--


It all really comes down to 2 choices –

  1. Keep doing what you are doing

  1. Decide that you deserve more and deserve better and set yourself up for success with this Online Boutique Builder.

What is it going to be for you?

If you are done with the starting-quitting-re-starting cycle, if you are done downloading same old information in new packaging and Ready to take things to the next level, then don’t miss your chance to enroll in B.Y.O.B.!!