Coaching Call

Coaching Call


This seems to be one of the HOT questions I get on the regular from women in my community, and from my 1:1 clients as they get started. 

I remember wondering the same thing. 

"How in the world do I start being seen as an expert on social media, so that I CAN START SIGNING MORE 1:1 CLIENTS?"It can feel a tad overwhelming as you're starting out. I mean you're putting things out into all these different Facebook groups, and getting little to no engagement back.Or maybe you get likes, but no one is booking calls, or reaching out to you...?Can you relate?Well, over the past year and a bit I've really started to understand the key components to showing up and being seen. I've noticed a lot more engagement , including women booking calls, joining our FB community, etc.


I've had women reaching out to me saying things like "you're really good at this visibility thing... I would love to know more about your coaching programs". 

It can be that simple.

My time on social media now feels worth it. It doesn't feel like a struggle, or a constant energy suck, at all.There are some key strategies (that can be very simple to put in place) that many women are missing, and therefor not getting calls booked, or sales made. (or not as many as they'd like...)They are putting in the effort, but missing a few key components that allow them to be seen. 


With these key things (where to post, what to hashtag, etc.) it can become SO MUCH EASIER for your clients to follow you, fall in love with you and then book a call with you!If this sounds like you... 

* you're posting all over social media and aren't booking calls, or getting clients signed up (or not many...)

* you're spending a lot of time online, but haven't seen much return (ROI)

* you're a little frustrated that you're getting crickets when you post

* you're curious how you can UP YOUR GAME and be seen as a total EXPERT

* you're ready for BIGGER MONTHS a.k.a more MULAH in the bank

* you want to learn how to stand out online so that people look up to you + want to work with you

I'm here to help you CHANGE THIS QUICKLY so that you can be seen online and start seeing those "likes" become bookings or sales. 


I am feeling really called to help women like you, UP YOUR GAME on social media + be seen as a total expert. I love helping my 1:1 clients create a long term goal with their business and support them to building that but I also loved my 1:1 sessions in the past. It's fun being able to dive in deep and help you see BIG results in 60 mins of talking together. Sometimes you just need a laser focused session with an outsider looking in, to get the insight you need to make those BIG changes!




I will review and assess the way you are showing up online + help you adjust your strategy so that you are showing up as a total expert + consistently hitting 5k+ months and beyond.

Here's what you get:

- A welcome form so I'm clear on your business and goals before our session together

- A 60 min private coaching session 

- A clear plan of action and the exact next steps to take 



$150. Only 5 spaces available.


These will sell out fast. Trust me.

Let me help you create a solid online marketing strategy that you can implement ASAP!


Book yours now before the spots are gone: 

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