Online Boutique Dropshipping Crash Course

Online Boutique Dropshipping Crash Course

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1 week course that'll teach you the inside outs of dropshipping & how to use it to start your online boutique. 4 x Live trainings + PDF + me walking you through the whole process.

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I see you girl!

You are excitedddd about starting your own Online boutique but. . . .

You don’t have the huge investment required to buy products in wholesale

And if you did somehow manage to swipe that credit card & purchase the products,

somewhere you are scared whether or not you’ll be able to sell it all!

Am I right?

But you are a #curiousbabe, and you know following your curiosity will get the answers you are looking for', so you didn’t just stop there!

You researched & researched some more to come across the concept of dropshipping!

Maybe you know what is dropshipping. .

Maybe you are reading this and wondering WTF it is!

Maybe you’ve even tried & failed because you purchased an expensive list of suppliers & had no idea what to do with it or bought an expensive course that teaches you to outsource from China & your customers don’t want to wait 6 weeks to get their products.

Whatever stage you are at - I just want to tell you that I’ve got this babe!

I’ve been there.

Learning from experts that only spoke about sourcing from Aliexpress, teaching how to spend 1000s on Facebook Ads with zero ROI.

And that’s not a fun place to be.

That’s why I created

Dropship crash course.png

The Dropshipping

Crash Course.

Everything you need to learn about running a successful dopshipping store.

The dropshipping crash course will teach you -

  • Everything you need to learn & know about dropshipping

  • Give you a list of dropshipping suppliers in over 10 different niche(s)

  • How to set yourself apart from other dropshippers in the industry

Are you interested in learning all this & more?

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the self-paced course -

+ Day 1 - Diving into the basics

What is Dropshipping?

Why use dropshipping?

How is it different from affiliate marketing?

Pro’s & Con’s of dropshipping & how to find solutions

+ Day 3 - Dropshipping Suppliers

How to find suppliers?

What to look for in a dropshipping supplier?

How to use the suppliers list & reach out to the dropshippers?

+ Day 5 - How to get started?

Finding your niche & products to sell?

What platform to use to sell your products?

How to integrate your products?

Must have pages & policies in your boutique?

+ Day 7 - How to set yourself apart from other suppliers in the industry?

Each day comes with a PDF so you can understand & apply the concept at your own pace!