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I see you girl. . .

You’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts online & dreaming of starting your own!!

You’ve been practicing the intro to your podcast, what guests you’d invite & what you’d ask. .. . but before you can do any of that you are yet to figure out how to actually START one!!

Have you been searching answers to “How to start your own Podcast”. . . ?

I’m guess “Yes” because you are here.. .

Maybe it’s the first time you’ve thought about it. . . or maybe you tried your hand at it but kick start because everything you read on the internet only made it more confusing & complicated. . . .Or anywhere in between…

The Launch Your Podcast In 7 days is for YOU!

Get the secrets to starting a successful podcast in just 7 days!

The course will walk you through:

  • Podcast branding - it’s more than just your podcast artwork.

  • The mission & vision for your podcast

  • How to become a great host

  • The essential tools you need to get started

  • Planning & brainstorming topics for your podcast

  • Recording your podcast - tools & resources you need

  • Editing like a pro

  • Hosting your podcast

It’s time to give up the struggle & instead -

Get excited about finally being able to launch YOUR podcast, share your stories & take your dream interviews.

Ditch the hard work & follow the exact steps I took to launch my own podcast in less than a week.

It all really comes down to 2 choices –

  • Keep doing what you are doing - research, hit & trial & running on the hamster wheel, not getting anywhere


  • Decide that you deserve more and deserve better and set yourself up for success

So what’s it going to be for you?

If you are DONE with the hit & trials & excitedddd to launch your podcast. .


You know by now that I’m OBSESSED with working smarter, not harder (we even put it on a mug!)
SO to help you do the same, this course also includes a podcasting kit with everything you need to make launching your podcast easy + fun!

(And be on top of your shit girl!)

The kit includes:

  • Podcast + episode artwork templates (that you can even customize from your phone!)

  • Interview artwork template

  • Intro/outro script

  • Guest checklist

  • Interview questions

  • Email: request guest interview

  • Email: pre-interview

  • Email: interview reminder

  • Email: podcast / interview promo blast

  • Email: Recording available

  • Email: interview guest thank you


+show notes blog post template

+launch checklist





  • This course will be a big investment for me. Is it really worth it?

It's a tiny investment to grow your business. Podcast is a powerful, inexpensive and easy new platform for sharing your message with and expanding your tribe. It's not only a killer way to boost your credibility, build your list of customers and grow your tribe of fans very quickly but it also helps you reach your tribe by using audio they can listen to when they can not read your blog or watch your video!

  • Why this course? Can't I just find the information online for free?

You can find anything online and start your own Podcast. But since you are checking this out, it means you haven't yet taken action. The 7 day course is packed with actionable steps & tried & tested killer strategies that'll help you to launch your Podcast in 7 days. Not only that, doing it together with other like-minded babes working on their Podcast will keep you accountable too.

  • How long do I Have access to the course?

Forever! You'll have lifetime access to the PDF & video trainings.

  • What if I have questions about the content or if I get stuck?

There will be a Facebook Group for the Podcast Course members where you can ask your specific questions while setting up your podcast and I'll answer them personally.

  • What format is the course delivered in?

As soon as you buy the course, you'll get a PDF download that contains all the content you NEED to launch your podcast along with heaps of Bonuses like - checklist, artwork template, interview template, email templates and more.